Gabby Douglas

By: JAden and Nayomi


Her real name is Gabrielle Douglas. She was born on December 31, 1995. She has two sisters and a brother. Their names are Arielle, Joyelle, and Johnathan. Her dad left them when she was a little girl. Her mother raised her alone. Sad, right.

Who was Gabby Douglas

When Gabby Douglas was a young girl she wasn't even in Gymnastics. Douglas got the experience of Gymnastics when she was 3 years old. Gabby had a sister who was in Gymnastics, and her sister taught Gabby how to do a cartwheel. When Gabby was 4 years old she taught her-self how to do a one-handed cartwheel. When Gabby was a little girl, she was raised by a single mother with two sisters and one brother.
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She WON!!!!!!!!

After She won the Olympics (with two gold metals) SHe became famous. Im talking photo shoots, magazines,and interveiws. She became popular. She also started coming to award shows and she even got a movie about her life.

Gabby Douglas Now

Who She Is Today

She is still the first African American olympic gold metalist. Today you will still see Gabby doing all of those cool tricks and flips in the Summer Olympics! Also she got an American Doll.

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