News From Thailand

Coming to America

For a whirlwind tour...

Planning to spend the first couple of weeks (March 28th - April 10th) traveling through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. *Spoiler Alert* My boss, Boom Mosby, will receive another US State Department award for her counter-trafficking work here in Thailand. I am looking forward to the privilege of attending the ceremony with her in Washington DC. It is an incredible honor to support her work and her team. Thank you for making it possible!

The rest of April will be spent in the Carolinas visiting family, friends, and supporters. If you have an interest in a presentation on the mission of HUG Project (preventing, protecting, and restoring child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking), please let me know ASAP. There is a small window of opportunity for Boom (a 2017 Trafficking In Persons- TIP- Hero) to make a presentation in person: Saturday, April 7th or Sunday, April 8th. If you are in Virginia or North Carolina and would like your group to host an appearance by her, please let me know ASAP. She is a passionate speaker.

Thank you for your enduring support & prayers!

This has been a challenging season, with the team's workload, and the tragic loss of one of our after school program girls (at 16 to cancer). I often feel stifled in my efforts to communicate (because my Thai has a long way to go). But I've learned that showing up at the hospital means "I love you". Holding a grieving mother means "I'm sorry”. Sometimes being there is the best we can do. And it's enough.

On a brighter note, it has been a joy to have Anna (my oldest daughter) living here with me. Her organization is allowing her to complete her commitment with them here in Thailand (teaching English to medical students). I'm grateful!

Looking forward to getting face-to-face with many of you in the coming weeks!