My Library Needs Your Help

A personal request from Lisa Egly Lehmuller

Paul Cuffee Maritime Charter School, Providence RI

Born in 1759, Paul Cuffee was an African American/Native American and a ship builder, merchant and sea captain. When he could find no school that would accept his children because of their race, he built his own school for people of all races to learn together.

In the spirit of Paul Cuffee’s life, we teach students to value and practice personal initiative, perseverance and social responsibility. Our school accomplishes these goals through a rigorous academic program and enrichment activities which foster discovery and critical thinking--we teach the whole child--mind, body, spirit.

PCS Student Demographics

PCS Student Demographics •61% Latino, 24% African American, 10% Caucasian, 4% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 1% Native American •77% qualify for free/reduced lunch

A $5,000 Goal

We moved to Providence from Charlotte, NC, where I spent 10 years as librarian at St. Patrick Catholic School. The Paul Cuffee ethos of social and emotional learning closely resembles that experience. But we are a public charter school with public school funding issues, and the library budget has been frozen. The 350 students in our lower school need updated and replacement materials. I am hoping that my friends can help me meet my goal of $5,000. Can I do it? Can WE do it?

What Does Your Donation Buy?

$20 buys one of this year's award winners--Newbery, Caldicott or Theodore Suess Geisel

$50 purchases three new middle grade novels or picture books

$100 replaces 6 of the books currently resting in our "book hospital"

When you donate, be sure to write LOWER SCHOOL LIBRARY in the description field.

Did you know....

  • The average lifespan for a school library book is 26 circulations
  • 85% of a library's circulations are made by 15% of its books (some books get checked out all the time, and some NEVER leave the's just a fact!)
  • 30,000 new books are published each year
  • The average price of a children's book is $16.50
Donate Now!

Clicking on this button will bring you to the school's library funding page. The DONATE NOW button on that page brings you to a general donation page. Type LOWER SCHOOL LIBRARY in the description field. And THANK YOU!