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Volume 11 - Lightbox/Interactive eBooks

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An Engagement Tool

Another term for Lightbox is interactive ebook...think of it as an educational platform for your content or topic.

The custom features create a student-centered learning experience in an easy to use digital environment. This new resource can help students improve comprehension, vocabulary, and engagement all within the same interface.

The new Lightboxes can be used on any device (yes, iPads!) and reinforce material learned through slideshows, quizzes, and keywords.

Bonus: we have unlimited, multi-user access!! If you have 30 students studying the same topic at the same time - all may open the Lightbox (ebook) at the same time!

What types of features will we find in a Lightbox?

Key features enhance the learning process of our students by engaging them with tools and activities without them having to leave the Lightbox, with the exception of weblinks.

  1. Google Maps - explore the locations you learn about without leaving the Lightbox
  2. Video -Engage and excite students with embedded, high-definition video clips
  3. Slideshows - Relevant photos and videos are used to increase comprehension and student interaction
  4. Quizzes - Built in interactive quizzes test students knowledge
  5. Activities - Students may complete related activities in Notability and then submit via Canvas
  6. Documents - Documents that provide a deeper dive - all without leaving the Lightbox
  7. Weblinks - Appropriate links that will allow for more expansion of the topic
  8. Key Words - A glossary of words necessary for key understanding of the content all in one location in the Lightbox for easy access
  9. First Hand Accounts - Primary source documents included in many Lightboxes
  10. Read Aloud - Struggling readers receive support in reading with the read aloud feature, in all Lightboxes

Plus....Curriculum correlations and activity packs....Each Lightbox comes with a print edition teacher guide as well!

What Do They Look Like?? Check out some sample pages below!

More Pictures Please!

Take a look at the variety of pages within the Lightbox!

What topics are covered??

We now have about 120 Lightboxes - that is too many to list! The overarching subject/series titles are listed below:

  • Basic Physics (3 titles)
  • Physics (5 titles)
  • Ancient Empires and Civilizations (6)
  • World Views (8)
  • Psychology (5 titles)
  • Scientific Breakthroughs (4 titles)
  • Foundations of Democracy (8 titles)
  • United Nations (6 titles)
  • US History (8 titles)
  • World History (6 titles)
  • Literature Studies (24+ titles)
  • Technology and Innovation (6 titles)
  • Scientific Discovery (6 titles)
  • World Geography (5 titles)
  • Nature of Life (3 titles)
  • Elements of Chemistry (10 titles)
  • 21st Century Science (6 titles)
  • STEM and the Future (4 titles)
  • STEM Today (10 titles)
  • Open for Debate (2 titles)
  • Nature of Life (3 titles)
  • Department of Homeland Security(2 titles)

As more subjects are available, we will add to the collection. We look forward adding math and art!

How do I access all of this amazingness!?

I'm glad you asked!

The link is housed on our media center web page. The login screen looks like the image on the right

LOGIN INFORMATION: This will be emailed to you as I cannot post this information

Need help?

As always I am happy to work with you and/or your classes to demonstrate access and use of our resources. Feel free to reach out if you need assistance!

Thanks for reading!

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