5th Grade Math & Science News

What is new this week?


This week in math we have been working on multiplying a mixed number x a mixed number. Students have caught on to the process quickly, however some are stumbling on some of the old steps along the way. They have previously learned all of the steps, but they are combined all together now. We have been working on this concept all week long. Next week we will be working on word problems with mixed numbers and fractions. This will involve +, - and x problems. We will also spend some time working on learning our triangles.


In science this week we are working on making mixtures, solutions and analyzing results. Students made salt/water mixtures, that actually made a solution and then we evaporated them and they observed the crystal remains left behind. I have passed out the vocabulary sheet for Mixtures and Solutions. We will learn these words in class as the unit progresses. Students may log onto www.Quizlet.com and practice their words or print them out to practice. I have passed out an extra credit science project for students that would like to bring up their science grade. (they can use the results for a holiday gift too!) Please speak with your child about this. If you want to have them do the same project but using sugar or another chemical and following an experiment from a book or online, that is fine too!

DOJO's From November

At the end of November these were our top 5 DOJO winners in Mrs. Gallupe’s Homeroom: Cornelius’ Homeroom

TOP 5 Based on # of DOJO’s: TOP 5 Based on # of DOJO’s:

James had 78 DOJOs Jamie had 91 DOJO’s

Katie had 72 DOJOs Haley had 79 DOJO’s

Logan had 69 “ “ Jay had 75 DOJO’s

Sarah had 66 “ “ Alyssa had 72 DOJO’s

Alyssa had 65 “ “ Tevyn had 71 DOJO’s

Our goal is to have 80% or higher for Marking #2. Students will earn tech time each month/marking period for meeting the expectations. We only had 2 students for November that did not qualify. :)

Fairview Outdoor School

In April (19-22) our fifth graders will be going to Claud E. Kitchens Fairview Outdoor School. We will be there for 4 days and 3 nights. We will be following a science curriculum while we are there. We would like to offer the possible opportunity to take 4 parent chaperones with us. We want to take 2 moms and 2 dads with us that are willing to stay the entire time with us. We will try to take a mom and a dad from each class. If you are wanting to go, please fill out the information as asked. Parents that want to go, MUST attend one of the training sessions listed: Dec. 7th, Dec. 21, Jan. 4, Feb. 1 or Feb. 29 from 5:00 - 6:15 at Fairview Outdoor School which is located at 12808 Draper Road Clear Spring, MD 21722. You will need to take your drivers liscense with you for a background check.

______ Yes, I _______________ (name) am interested in coming with you for 4 days & 3 nights to Outdoor School.

______ I would drive ________ I would ride the bus

We will see how many parents go to the training and then we will do a lottery to see who will be going with us if needed. Thank you!

Some years we only have 1-2 parents that want to go, and other years we have like 12. We will select at least 2 alternates as back ups if a parent is unable to go.

Thank you! Enjoy the weekend!

Joy Gallupe