Quarter Three Independent Reading


The Straight Road to Kylie

Jonathan Parish is starting his senior year at Winter Park High in Winter Park, Florida. This year is going to different for him. Not only is he at the top of the school, he is out of the closet and everybody knows. His year starts with a big 18th birthday party for one of his friends, Joanna and sober Jonathan is not the same as drunk Jonathan. Word spreads around quickly at Winter Park High when Jonathan sleeps with Alexandra, at a party. All Jonathan wants is to see Kylie Minogue and the only way he'll be able to is if he pretends to be someone he isn't.
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Racing in the Rain

Racing in the Rain is a book by Garth Stein. Racing in the Rain is in first person, narrated Enzo. He hears the things his owner says and thinks of his response, but he can never say them. Even though Enzo can't talk, he and Denny still maintain a strong relationship.
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