Magazine Moguls

By Laney Hudson

How to Garden

Planting a garden, or just a few little plants is a very easy way to get outside and have fun. For this procedure you will need a nice plot of land, your choice of seeds, water, and a shovel.

First you will need to dig a small hole in the soil. Then you must place as many seeds as wanted in the soil. if you are doing more than one seed, make sure that the seeds are separated and not touching each other. lastly you will cover the hole back up with the remaining soil and water.

Now that your seed is planted, we have to keep it growing. You can do this by watering your seed daily, and making sure that your seed is getting plenty of sunshine. If your plant does not get these necessities, the plant will become unhealthy.

keeping this behavior up, soon your seed will be flourishing in the sunshine.



Come and help us celebrate Davids 40th birthday!

When: July 26, 2011 at 3:30pm

Where: Greenhaven room 201


who to contact: Amy Baker


Phone number: 972-842-9314



Please come and help us celebrate the 40th birthday of David Baker. There will be pizza, drinks, and of course cake! We hope we will see you there on this special occasion.

Advice letters

Dear Advice Giver,

I have no idea what to do. My parents died in a fire, and me? I am now in the foster system, I hate my foster mom, and my sister and I have been separated from each other. I feel like i don't belong, it's a terrible feeling. I have been writing my feelings out in poems, but i don't know if it is really helping. I need advice. Also my friend is in the hospital, he's my best friend. My other friends taunt me a little, but i guess it's alright. Write me back!


Dear Lonnie,

I can understand what you are going through, I Was once in the foster system. I can imagine how you feel right now, but let me assure you that it gets better. Find some new people to talk to, your friends seem to have a negative effect on you. Also you need to be finding ways to keep your mind off things. I love how you have been writing your feelings out in a journal. This helps so that all your feelings and emotions dont just build up inside you until they finally just explode. Write me back!


-your secret advice giver