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Week of November 9, 2015

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful Fall Break and that your past week was just as great! 2Mu returned ready to work hard and learn. We completed many engaging lessons and had lots of fun-filled learning experiences. Read on to learn about our awesome week!


  • We read The Ugly Vegetables and learned how to draw conclusions by studying story pictures as well as story characters' words and actions.
  • To further develop our skills of drawing conclusions, we also read a very clever story entitled Piggie Pie.
  • We created our own "disguised" piggie to go along with the story theme!


  • We wrote a Small Moment Story about 1 exciting thing we did during Fall Break.
  • We began our next unit in writing ~ Lucy Calkins Unit 2 Information Writing. We began learning how to write a Lab Report like Scientists.
  • First, we asked a question, " Will a toy car travel farther down a ramp onto a rug or tile floor?" Then, we wrote a hypothesis. Before conducted the experiment, we listed our materials and wrote a procedure on how to perform the experiment. Next, we conducted the experiment, with several tries on each surface, documenting our results. Stay tuned for our conclusions...


  • We completed Everyday Math 4 ~ Unit 2 Fact Strategies and completed the Unit Assessment.
  • We learned how to use the Everyday Math Web Link on iPads. The children have their login information taped into their homework planner so they can play the mathematics games at home
  • This week, we will start Unit 3 More Fact Strategies. Once we complete this unit, we will have learned many strategies to help us solve math facts.
  • We will have our first Timed Math test this week. Please continue to study addition and subtraction math facts nightly.


  • We started our Science Unit on Balancing and Weighing. We discussed what it means to balance something, how weight affects balance, and when we need to balance our weight to perform an action.
  • We learned that the position of the fulcrum affects weight balance.

Other Activities

  • As part of our Veteran's Day activities, we created Veteran's Day wreath's to honor Veterans
  • We had two guest speakers, Daria and Emily, visit our class and discuss the importance of wearing a Helmet.We also learned 3 important fact about how to be sure you are wearing your helmet properly.
  • During Abby's Star Student guests' visit, we learned about the Mayflower and created on from cardboard, sticks, paper, and tape.

Veterans' Day Activity ~ Making Wreaths

Writers' Workshop ~ Writing Like Scientists

Science ~ Experimenting with Balancing & Weighing

Making The Mayflower

Star Student of the Week~ Abigail Frey

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