The SCS Wednesday News Brief

November 15, 2017

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Spring Lake Police Department Internet/Social Media Safety and Awareness

We would like to thank the Spring Lake Police Department for providing our 5-8 grade students, as well as our parents, with an informative presentation on Internet/Social Media Safety and Awareness. Lieutenant Giblin, Sergeant Ploskonka, Patrolman Smith, and Patrolman Phillips spent time with our school community to review essential information to keep our students safe while utilizing all of the available technology and social media that is apart of our lives.

Key takeaways/suggestions:

  • Establish how you will monitor your child's social media activity: It's important to set some ground rules with your child and plan out how you will effectively monitor their activity. Some parents have access to their children's accounts, some do "spot checks" and ask their child to open their account for them to review, some parents have their own account and "friend" their child to view, some parents just simply do not allow their children to use social media. Ultimately, we all just have to do what we feel is best for our children. Keep in mind... you always have the power to turn off your child's WiFi access or phone if your child is not cooperating.
  • Walk your child through appropriate use of social media: As Lieutenant Giblin points out, "We wouldn't just send our kids outside to ride a bike for the first time without taking the time to properly teach them how to use it!" If your child is beginning to use social media, explore setting up an account with them to review security and account settings. Guide them through their first "post" and take the time to emphasize to think before you post. Why are we posting this? Who will see this? Am I choosing my words carefully?
  • Social Media Accounts aren't always what they seem: Children often have multiple Instagram or Facebook accounts that you may not be aware of... it's important to review this with your child. There's sometimes the account you know about, and often a hidden account...
  • Review your child's APPs... all of them: Take the time to review all of the apps on your child's phone. APPs can sometimes be hidden, please go through the phone thoroughly. See multiple calculators on your child's phone? That may be one of the APP tools used to hide certain applications... In short, know what's on your child's phone.
  • Review your child's Social Media "Friends": Have your child show you their friend list to discuss how they know each person. If they can't tell you anything about them, it's important to question why your child is "friends" with them. Not all accounts are real and it could be someone that has no business following your child's activity or communicating with your child.

Thanks again Spring Lake Police Department, we greatly appreciate all of this valuable information! SLPD will be back with us tomorrow, November 16th to provide this presentation to our 8th grade students.

Quick Updates

Christmas Show: We are very exciting for the upcoming Christmas show! Students in Pk4-8 are asked to simply show up dressed in comfortable, appropriate Christmas clothes (examples: Sweaters, collared shirts, dress, khaki pants, etc.). Please simply have your child dressed as if they were attending a family Christmas party.

The Christmas Show is a special annual community event and it's our expectation that every child Pk4-8th will be in attendance. After the show, parents are to pick up their children at their child's classroom. 8th grade students may be picked up in the cafeteria. Children may not be picked up until the show has ended. This may be a later evening for our younger students, however we are encouraging everyone to sleep in on Friday, December 8th as school is closed. Please remember to observe the feast of the Immaculate Conception by attending Mass at some point within our schedule on the 8th.

Pocketbook Bingo!: We would like to thank all of our parents and parishioners that attended pocketbook bingo! A fun time was had by all! Special thanks to our fantastic bingo caller Fr. Martin! Additionally we'd like to thank the PTA, all of our parent volunteers, and particularly Mrs. Cavallo and Mrs. Lopez.

Emergency School Closings: Please review our emergency school closing procedures:

School Store: New items added! Please be sure to check out our new hats!

God Bless our Veterans

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Upcoming Events

11/15-11/17 Parent Teacher Conferences: Schedule your conference here

11/15-11/17 Early Dismissal for students 12:30 PM

11/20 Turkey Drive Carport 2:00 PM

11/21 PTA Pizza Day

Turkey Drive Carport 2:00 PM

11/22 Early Dismissal 12:30 PM

Prayer Service 9:00 AM

11/23-11/24School Closed, Happy Thanksgiving

12/1 PTA Pizza Day

First Friday Mass

12/2 SCS Christmas 5K

12/7 Early Dismissal 12:30 PM

** Christmas Show** 6:30 PM

12/8 School Closed

12/11 Santa Sale PK-5

12/15 PTA Pizza Day

12/23/17-1/2/18 Christmas Vacation

To view all upcoming events on the SCS Calendar, please click here:


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