Jacob Riis

"The slum is the measure of civilization."

Early life

Jacob was an immigrant from born in Denmark. At age 11 he donated all his money to a poor family living in a squalid house. he wanted to be a carpenter, but discouraged about poor jog availability, he immigrated to the Americas in 1870. After a few months in the Americas searching for a job he finally found one. He noticed an advertisement for the long island newspaper but soon left the job and didn't like it. He got into the photography business in the 1880s. And in 1889 he published his 18 page article about how the other half lives. He

He was a progressive.

Jacob was a progressive. He was also a muckraker. He really wanted to fix the living conditions for the houses of the working poor. Also the tenement houses. He took pictures of kids, young men and women and older people in the factories. Also he published a book on how the other half lives including pictures and real life information of the working poor.

How the other half lives.

His book showed how bad things actually were.

Major accomplishments of Jacob Riis

His most famous accomplishment is his book how the other half lives. It talks about how bad the standards of living were for the working poor and the immigrants. It makes the people notice how bad they were and want them do something about it.

Why i did rescearch on him.

I did research on Jacob Riis because he did a really good thing for the immigrants. and making the people notice how bad they were. I feel like he was one of the most important muckrakers and that he deserves to be noticed. this is why I did research on Jacob Riis

By: victoria skrlin