Graffiti Wall

by: Jennifer Shoe

Chapter 18

In Chapter 18 I used A fist and a megaphone. The fist represents confidence. In the book, Elizabeth talks to Darcy while dancing. She gets her confidence and ask him questions about how he acts and how he is (Austen, 1813, pg 71). Also, the megaphone represents Mrs. Bennet's loud conversation about Jane and Mr. Bingley is going to marry and about Elizabeth and Mr. Collins is going to marry (Austen, 1813, pg 75).
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Chapter 19

In Chapter 19 Mr. Collings proposes to Elizabeth. The ring symbolizes his proposal (Austen, 1813, pg 79-80). Elizabeth does turn him down. The thumbs down represents the rejection of Elizabeth (Austen, 1813, pg 82)
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Chapter 20

In Chapter 20, Mrs. Bennet finds out about the proposal and also that Elizabeth rejected him (Austen, 1813, pg 83) The thumbs up and thumbs down shows the disagreement between Elizabeth and Mrs. Bennet. The angry face symbolizes Mrs. Bennet anger because of Elizabeth's choices (Austen, 1813, pg 84).
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Chapter 21

In Chapter 21, we find out that Mr. Bingley left to go back home. The luggage represents Mr. Bingley leaving (Austen, 1813, pg 88). The sad face shows Jane's feelings about Mr. Bingley leaving. She believes that he will not come back for her (Austen, 1813, pg 89).

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 is when Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte. She accepts his proposal and thats what the thumbs up represents (Austen, 1813, pg 92). Mr. Collins is leaving but for some reason Mrs. Bennet thinks he will be interested in one of her girls. Mr. Collins later explains that he is going to marry Charlotte. The question mark represents the confusion between Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Collins (Austen, 1813, pg 94).
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