NFL Football Player

By: Zachary Bravo


  1. The quicker your body moves the better a football player you're going to be (NFL Players skills).
  2. "For example, The quarterback needs a fine touch to throw the football downfield (NFL Player skills). "
  3. A kicker needs a strong leg to kick it through the field goal But they don't really need any coordination (NFL Player skills).
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  1. Hitting the books isn't as important as hitting the gym and practice field, but you have to be eligible to sign an NFL contract (NFL education rules).
  2. "According to NFL rules you must meet certain collegiate regulation (NFL education rules)."
  3. "It doesn't matter what degree you pursue in order to get in the NFL."
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  1. "An average football player salary is two-point-four million dollars (NFL Player salary)."
  2. "A NFL Football Player salary doesn't spike when they been there for a long time (NFL Player salary)."
  3. "Seventy percent of the NFL Players are between the ages of twenty-two through twenty-seven (NFL Salary and ages)."
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  1. "Physically, players are bigger, heavier, and stronger than all average men (NFL Players strength)."
  2. "In Professionalism, earnings specializations size and strength (NFL Players strength)."
  3. "Astronomically, not all players have a problem have grown in many ways over the past three decades (how long it takes to have good strength)."
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