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December 14, 2015

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.

Week at a Glance

Monday, December 14

  • Grades are past due! Andrya is running progress reports this morning
  • Penguin Patch open
  • Crazy Sock day for staff

Tuesday, December 15

  • Richland Choir Christmas Concert @ 6:00 PM
  • Wear your favorite holiday shirt
  • Progress reports go home
  • Penguin Patch open late

Wednesday, December 16

  • Last day for Penguin Patch to be open
  • PTA provide luncheon for Christmas
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater day for staff
Thursday, December 17
  • Sing-Along-No specials today-see modified lunch pick-up schedule
  • Wear your favorite holiday hat, antlers, etc.
  • Staff Christmas Party at Mama Mia's Italian Grill @ 6:30 PM
  • School dismisses at 12:30

Friday, December 18

  • Party Day-No specials today-see modified lunch pick-up schedule
  • School dismisses at 12:30
  • Please make sure that All holiday decorations are put away before leaving for the break.
  • Please have lesson plans in Eduphoria before leaving-This way you can enjoy your break!

Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to Michelle Green and Pam Combs for being such awesome coaches! Thanks for always being available to answer teacher questions and collaborate with teachers on ideas. Thanks also for leading our Art/PLC day!
  • Barbie Kapusta did a fantastic job on the spelling bee! She met with all of the kids after school for several weeks to help the kids on spelling strategies and to practice the words. We know many of our kids would not have anyone to study with if it hadn't been for her help. Thanks also to Linda, Deedra and Stacy for helping to decorate. I loved the yellow and black bee theme! This made it really special for our kiddos. Thanks to Jezzika for handing out programs and our custodial staff for setting and cleaning up. I also appreciate our volunteers that came out to judge. Traci made each one a nice goodie bag too! Thanks to all of the 2nd-5th grade and specialists for helping to keep our kids quiet during he bee too. Wow, what a team effort!
  • I love that the Richland Hills Fire Department is getting so involved in our school! This is such a positive influence for our kids.
  • Third Grade has made some HUGE changes. Thanks to Sheri, Jamika and Melissa for making the switch to departmentalization to do what is best for your students! I have heard some very positive comments from kids and parents so far! The kids love getting to know all of our fabulous third grade teachers! Thanks also for staying late to meet parents, even though we just had a few show up.
  • Thanks to Jenny for teaching third grade math on Friday when we didn't have a sub show up! What a perfect person to step in and help the kids. I know Jamika appreciates it. She went home Thursday night very ill. We are hoping she is feeling better!
  • Thanks to Jenny for organizing the treats in the lounge! Thanks to all of you that have participated in providing the treats! We have had some really yummy things served in there!! :)
  • Thanks to PTA for buying holiday gifts for the kids. This is so nice. I am so happy to see that all the kids are getting books! What a wonderful use of money! Most kids are able to get two brand new books of their very own. I know many of you have tried to choose books at the students appropriate grade level which takes more time to find, but you are thinking of student needs! Thanks also to the PTA setting up and running the Penguin Patch holiday store. This may be the only shopping these kids get to do. I know I personally have received some holiday school store gifts from some of my grandkids and they were so proud to give the gifts to me.
  • A HUGE thanks to Michelle Rollins for getting gifts/food for all of our families. Michelle has organized all the non-profit organizations that have asked to help our families at Christmas. Traci and Michelle went to pick up 50 bags from one organization alone. It is great to know that families that may have not gotten much or anything for Christmas will have some gifts and food.
  • Thanks to Jamie Thomas and Rebecca Morgan for coming out to teach PBIS. Thanks also to the following teachers for taking a day to learn about this positive behavior system: Stacy, Jessica, Caitlyn, Charlie, Jacqui, Barbie, Maggie, Carolyn and Payton. I have already seen some of the ideas being tried with kids with good results. It takes at least 10 days to see if the strategies will really make an impact. We will probably need to do a restart after the holidays, but we have some good systems in place.
  • Thanks to Jacqui, Maggie and Barbie for reworking their schedules since we had some changes due to departmentalization and in WIN times. Their schedules are such big puzzles since they involve multiple grade levels and people. Thanks also more meeting with teachers after school. Thanks too to all the inclusion teachers for meeting with them after school on Monday to do what is best for our students.
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Tibits of Info

  • Please try to make this week as normal as possible. You should have a regular schedule on Monday through Wednesday trying to keep as true to the scope and sequence as you can. Also, try and plan some learning on Thursday and Friday. Keep the kids busy learning!
  • I hope that all of you will be able to make the Christmas Party! It is fun to get to know people outside of work. It also great to get to visit with staff members from other halls that we may not see very much!
  • PTA has planned a luncheon in lieu of doing the twelve days of Christmas. This will be a great treat this last week before the holidays.
  • Candiss still needs some help with the Penguin Patch. Please send out a plea to your parents to give some time helping next week.
  • I planned a few "spirit days" to get up to the holiday break. It is fun when people participate! Reindeer games have come to an end for this year. Next year I am going to change the rules a little to make it more unpredictable.
  • I heard some sneaky little elves have been making their way around the school. You can't be too careful these days. Santa has his helpers everywhere! I hope everyone has been Elf-ed.
  • Before you leave for the holiday break, please make sure that you have all your Christmas decorations put away. Also, please make sure that you have your lesson plans in for the week that we come back. Everyone should have plenty of time on Thursday afternoon to get your lesson plans complete. I want you to leave here on Friday with your things done so you can leave and enjoy your holiday with your family and friends.
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Upcoming Events

Holiday Break begins!

  • Jan. 4-School Resumes
  • Jan. 11-Bea Luchin visits our school
  • Jan. 11-Staff Meeting in Library-Teresa Lawson here to discuss ELA strategies
  • Jan. 12-Kerri at ILT
  • Jan. 14-Michelle at counselor's meeting
  • Jan. 15-End of third six weeks
  • Jan. 18-MLK Day
  • Jan. 19-Art/PLC day-Norma will be back to answer questions after kids take the MOY
  • Jan. 19-Kerri at Principal Meeting
  • Jan. 20-LOL Meeting
  • Jan. 21-Chad to AP ILT
  • Jan. 22-5th grade to the Symphony
  • Jan. 25.-Staff Meeting-Follow Up for UPSC-Bring student samples

RES Staff Holiday Party

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 6:30pm

3124 East Belknap Street

Fort Worth, TX

Please make sure that you turn you RSVP to Jenny.

The cost is free to staff members and it is $15 for your adult guest.

We will have an ornament exchange. If you would like to participate in the exchange please bring a wrapped ornament with a value between $5-$10.

Richland Elementary

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