Ultraviolet Waves

EM Waves

Ultravioelt Wave Uses

  • UV waves are used to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • They are used to steralize water, air,and equipment.
  • UV waves are used to make black light.
  • Experts can learn about different stars and galaxies by analyzing the UV rays given off.

Frequency and Wavelength

Frequency: 10 (to the 15th) - 10 (to the 17th) Hz

Wavelengths: 400nm-1nm

The Xenex Robot

  • The Xenex Robot was created by Julie Stachowiak and Mark Stibich in early 2009.
  • This new technology is being used in over 250 hospitals across the US. It is used to deactivate bacteria and viruses by using just UV light!
  • It creates UV light by using eco-friendly green xenon gas.
  • This machine can also deactivate EBOLA!!! Ebola is susceptible to UV light therefore the Xenex robot can deactivate this disease in under 2 minutes!
This video talks about amny different ways the xenex robot can be used, including its fight against ebola!
How UV Light Works
This video talks about how UV light works! It is a great video that helps you learn about UV waves!


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