HumanAnimal Cloning

Matthew Bohlmann

what is cloning?

A process that is used to make a a genetically identical copy of a specie

why is animal/human cloning important to society

Cloning can be important to society because because scientists can clone animals such as mice to help with research to flight diseases

Cloning affect me and my peers

If we cloned organisms one day we maybe able to cure diseases and be able to have organs aviable for donating.

How long has cloning been around

Cloning of plants hundreds or thousands of years

Human cloning thought not possible until dolly the sheep was cloned in1997

Ethical concerns

The american medical association has 4 reasons agints cloning

1.unknown physical harm

2. violations of autonomg and privacy

3.impacts on societal relations

4. effects on human gene pool

Cloning and the future

Scientist are trying to bring back extent animals .

Some scientist want to try human cloning.


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