CHS Tech Tidbits

February 19 - 23 is Digital Learning Week

This is the week to showcase digital learning at Coronado and how we use technology in the classroom. Thursday, February 22 is Digital Learning Day.
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Time to tweet!

Tweet photos of tech-based classroom projects or work this week - especially Thursday - and include #DLDay as well as @LubbockISD @LubbockDL @CHSMustangsLBB

Hint: it's OK to tweet a photo from a different day.

Nearpod pics? Share them. Presentations? Share them. Let everyone know about the good things going on at CHS.

Flipgrid is here

Assign a topic or task and have students respond with video!

Lubbock ISD has purchased premium licenses for Flipgrid. In order to qualify for the premium version, you must complete a Flipgrid digital badge. Once you have completed the badges, submit the license request.

Flipgrid allows you to assign topics/tasks/prompts to which students respond with video. The basic version allows for 30- or 90-second clips. You can opt to moderate responses. Assign through Classroom or share the code. Students may use Chromebooks or phones to record, and they can re-record as many times as needed. It also has an app so that you and your students can access it in a variety of ways.

Find out more about Flipgrid here.

Want ideas for how to integrate into your classroom? Let's visit!

Technology update & Innovator Grant info

All "legacy" devices - those older than 5 years, devices what will not run current operating systems (iOS 11, Windows 10, etc) - will be removed this summer. This includes desktops, old laptops purchased under the previous bond, Chromebooks at end of life, Kindles, and iPads.

Because security issues with older devices forced this issue and because the issue is district wide, there will be no funds for Innovator Grants this year.

If you have a project that you would like to submit for grant funding, consider the Foundation for Excellence grants.

Your new favorite app?

PDFCandy allows you to convert and edit PDFs. I don't know about you, but this is a handy tool to have!
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EdTech South Plains Google Summit

The EdTech Team is looking for presenters for its South Plains Google Summit June 6-7, 2018. Presenters have two options: 90 minute presentations and 15 minute playground sessions. Those selected to present will receive comped registration.

90-minute sessions should be hands-on. They will be presented only once. The playground sessions will be conducted in 3 rounds in the Lubbock HS cafeteria. Share a cool project or tech tool and how you and your students use it in the classroom. Groups will rotate around the cafeteria, and you would present the same 15-minute session each times.

If you are interested in presenting, complete the Request for Presenters form by March 19. The two days of Google Summit will count as flex time.

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