Article II

By:Amanda Casillas and Michelle Stukey

Opening statement

In the constitution, article 2 constructs the executive branch of the government which consists of the President, Vice President, other executive officers, and the cabinet.

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After the revolutionary war, many people were having doubts about a strong executive. During that time, American colonies were having major conflicts against a "tyrant" which was a strong executive. The colonies didn't want to have an overpowering executive so they had created a weaker executive office that empowered to carry out the will of congress.


Article 2 is mainly about how the Executive branch works.

The Executive branch was one the most controversial branch of the Federal Government which is why it's listed second in the constitution. The founding fathers did that because a lot of power was granted to congress which they viewed as the most powerful of the three branches.


Article 2 has great significance because it talks basically about some of the rules and boundaries some people must follow if they are an elector or part of Congress.

Section one talks about some of the rules and boundaries the electors must abide to. This is important because the electors, congressman, and president must know what to follow and what regulations to go by. Not only are these terms good political people to know, it is good to have the people of the United States know these too because they are the ones voting. The people need to know who they are voting for and how long the people they are voting for will be in power.

Section 2 talks about what kind of power the president has and how much. This is important for everyone to know so the president does not override his power and also knows what his limits are. Its good to know what you can and can't do. You shouldn't abuse your power just because you are high in power. That wouldn't be fair to the people of America because they voted for who's in office and trusted that they would do whats best for our country.

In Section 3 it talks about how the president shall communicate with Congress on what's going on. This is good and important because if the president and Congress have good communication then that means it will be more likely that information will flow smoothly.

Section 4 is important because it talks about how the president can be impeached and other rules regarding to the president being removed from office.


In our opinion, we think article 2 is really important to the constitution and today it still impacts the U.S because even though the executive branch is the most powerful out of all three branches, there's still a limitation to the amount of power.
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