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Dates to Remember

Week of February 22, 2021


TUESDAY: Library-return library books

WEDNESDAY: Gym Day- Please wear gym shoes and bring a water bottle




This week, we will be taking our topic 6 math test on Wednesday. On Tuesday, students will bring the topic 6 study guide that we will complete together in class. Their only homework on Tuesday will be to go over the study guide for the test. Students should continue to practice basic addition and subtraction facts at home each day. They can practice online or with flashcards.


Our story this week is Luke Goes to Bat. It starts on page 52 in BOOK 2 on Think Central. The guided reading level of the story is level K. The genre is realistic fiction. Skills include using antonyms, sequence of events, and inferring and visualizing what we read.

There will be a Comprehension Test on Friday, February 26th!

Vocabulary Words

1. extra-more than what is usual or needed

2. final-something that is last or at the end

3. hurried-to try to finish something or get somewhere quickly

4. practice-to do something many times so you get better at it

5. cheered-shouting in happiness and excitement

6. curb-where the sidewalk meets the edge of the road

7. roared-to make a loud, deep noise

8. position-to be sitting, lying, or arranged in a certain way

There will be a vocabulary test on Friday, February 26, 2021!


  1. night
  2. kind
  3. spy
  4. child
  5. light
  6. find
  7. right
  8. high
  9. wild
  10. July
  11. fry
  12. sigh
  13. by
  14. why
  15. behind
  16. lightning

Spelling Test on Friday, February 26th!


We will be studying subject-verb agreement. A verb can name an action that is happening now. A pronoun can tell who or what is doing the action. If the pronoun he, she, or it comes before a verb that tells about now, add -s or -es to the verb. If the pronoun we, I, or they comes before a verb that tells about now, do not add -s or -es. Review pages 82-83 in BOOK 2 on Think Central.

Grammar test on Friday, February 26th!


  1. Always charge your chrome book and bring it to school!
  2. Most of your passwords are scoh and your lunch number.
  3. In class students, you may bring a healthy snack and water bottle daily
  4. We have recess outside most days. Please dress for the weather! Students need snow pants and boots to play in the snow.


Please check student grades in SKYWARD and on CANVAS daily! Any missing assignments will be listed with a "0". Missing assignments will significantly effect students' grades!!!! If you see a "0", that means students should go back and complete the assignments on Canvas. Please let me know if you have any questions.


We are in the 3rd grading period of the year! Therefore, our expectations for the students increase. We encourage them to be more responsible and independent. On assignments this grading period, the students will only have 1 WEEK to complete their unfinished work. If it is not completed by the closing date, the assignment will count as a '0' or F in the grade book.

Students will now be required to read all test questions and answer choices to themselves. (This does not include math tests.) If a student does not know a word, they may ask for help, however, I will no longer be reading the entire test to the students.


This is a reminder for E-learners. Students are required to be on Zoom from 9-3 each day. I expect students to sign onto Zoom with their own names and their video camera turned "ON". Otherwise, the student will be counted absent. I am checking on student attendance throughout the day. If you child is not on Zoom with their camera ON, for the majority of the day, they will be marked absent or tardy.

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