The Telephone

An amazing invention that allows long distance conversations

Get Your Telephone Today!

Tired of not being able to talk to your friend while she's at her home and you're at yours? With the new telephone you can now access your friend right in your home! Just a dial away!

Letters Are A Thing Of the Past!

With this invention, you can say goodbye to your pen and paper and hello to the number dial! A set of ten digits is your fantastic tool to finding your friend, and once it's connected, the conversation starts! The fun never ends with a telephone! "With wire coding and iron copper, this device can channel long distance conversations" (Lunif, 2006)

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The Incredible Inventor

Alexander Graham Bell

This amazing inventor "Created the telephone in 1875 in the city of Brantford, Canada for the reason that conversations could be held at any time and emergencies could be helped faster". (Johnson, 2003) The telephone was tested in a crowd of people and was deemed successful. Mr. Bell has sold millions of telephones around the world...join the crowd!