Square Cookware

Spacesaving Square Cookware

Square Cookware

The SmartSpace Cookware line of products is created to solve a common problem in RV’s where space and storage is limited. It is square cookware designed specifically to fit in small cabinets and on small stove tops in RV’s and motor homes. All three pots and skillet stack inside of each other, like the nesting Russian dolls. They are induction based and have a heat transfer technology that evenly cooks the food. Each pot and skillet is constructed with heavy duty, impact bonded steel and aluminum with a high grade non-stick surface. The handle is detachable and easily clips onto any side of any pot and stores nicely inside the smallest pot. The lids have a clever venting system that accommodates the removable handle and quickly closes for a proper seal. The set also includes custom silicon mats for each of the pots which protect the surface while stacking and double as heat mitts. Another key feature is any pot can be stored directly into the refrigerator with leftovers reducing additional storage container cleanup.

Think about a typical kitchen. The stovetops, cabinets, countertops and refrigerators are all square or rectangular. However, most cookware is round and by design and can be an inefficient use of space. Traditional round pans take up most cooking and counter top surfaces and do not store efficiently with the bulky handles. The elegant and efficient design of SmartSpace maximizes those limited spaces available.

SmartSpace is made of the highest quality materials and will stand the test of time. For more information, you can visit SmartSpace-Cookware online at www.smartspace-cookware.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/smartspacecookware

14 Piece SmartSpace Cookware MSRP $348.00

“Simply genius! Cannot believe someone didn’t think of this sooner. It is the most efficient cookware in my experience. Not only did I get an easy and neat storage solution I also love the way the food cooks in my new pots! “
~ Debbie M ~

“I didn’t actually see or handle these pots until they arrived at my door. I was so impressed at how durable they were as you can’t tell on-line. I’m so excited to take my next trip in my RV with my new cookware!”
~ Annette C ~

“I would rate this product 5 out of 5 stars as it covers efficiency, durability and smart all in one! I bought one for my RV and now getting a second one for my boat.“
~ Jason C ~