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2013: Magnetism Edition

This year features devises that uses electromagnetism to function for all of your needs!!

Item #001: Compass

Uses the Earth's magnetic field to find the direction of Earth's magnetic North. Antithetic original piece of the first colonies.

Brand: Han Dynasty's Compasses making compasses in China Since about 206 BC

Note: Works almost every where as long as no magnetic interference is in its own field.

Price: $19.99

Item #002: Credit Card

A strip on the back of the card called the mag-stripe witch is a magnetic tape made of tiny iron based magnetic particles within a plastic like seal. Each particle is a ultra-tiny bar magnetic magnetized with either north or south pole directions These bars make a code that activates your account or value information that is activated when u swipe the mag-stripes in front of a scanner.

Brand: John Biggins' Credit Cards making and banking cards since 1946

Note: Do not damage mag-stripes or rub another magnetic against the mag-stripes.

Price: $9.99

Item #003: Security Device

Motion detector uses electromagnetic waves like a bat uses echolocation.The change in frequency triggers the alarm.

Brand: Marie Van Brittan Brown's Black Home Security keeping your home safe since 1966

Note: If detected stay calm, go to the fetal position, and cry for your mother.

Price: $75.99

Item #004: MRI Machine

Uses X-Rays to sense the magnetic resonance of molecules. Using the molecules to find tumors without surgery.

Brand: Raymond Vahan Damadian's RVD MRIs keeping you tumor free since 1977

Note: Highly magnetic be careful not to put metals such as iron in side the machine.

Price: $999.99

Item #005: Refrigerator Magnets

These are magnets that have both North and South poles that make the electrons int the atom to move around and intertwine with the refrigerator door. Note: Keep away from TVs, phones, and computers.

Price: $0.99

Item #006: VHS Tape

The plastic film strip is coated with a magnetizable powder called ferric oxide powder. When the reels spin magnetism is made. The electricity from the current that flows threw the coil sends the TV a signal. This electromagnet has the ability the rearrange the magnetic powder into images. The signals from the TV reads the images and sends them to the screen making the video/movie.

Brand: JVC Victor Company of Japan bring you VHS tapes since 1970

Note: Do not damage the film or results may end with distorted or jumbled video or even a malfunction.

Price: $2.99

Item #007: TV

In a cathode-ray tube (CRT), a beam of electrons is used to light up the phosphors on the screen. The direction of the beam is controlled by two electromagnets. One sweeps the beam horizontally while the other steps it down vertically. This rearranges the particle that light up certain pixels forming them into images.

Brand: PTF Philo Taylor Farnsworth's TVs entertainment since

Note: Do not put a magnet near the screen leading into a possibly result of distortion in image due to scrabbled particle beams.

Price: $79.99

Item #008: Speaker

Electricity and a signal goes into a coil with a magnet making the coil move. This motion creates a magnetic field and sound waves then sends the sound waves threw a cone amplifying the sound. Note: Replacing the cone with a larger cone may increase the sound's volume.

Price: $15.99

Item #009: Microphone

It uses sound energy and turns it to electrical energy by using the vibrations from the sound waves to move a magnet making an electromagnetic generator. Note: Keep away from liquids because if wet results may render the device useless.

Price: $10.99

Item #010: Scrapmetal Crane

A giant electromagnet plate that is made by flowing high voltage threw a thick copper coil around a massive iron plate. Because it is an electromagnet it is not pertinently magnetized, only when a current is sent threw the coil. Note: Super powerful magnet and due to size can be dangerous.

Price: $999.99

Item #011: Self-Powering Electromagnet Generator

A generator that sends voltage threw a cooper wire. The wire spins threw 5 U-magnets acting like a mini-electromagnetic generator that creates a mini magnetic field and producing electricity. This electricity is sent threw a copper coil around a large iron block creating a strong electromagnet. The remain electricity is sent threw another mini-electromagnet generator that recharges the current.

Brand: J-Tech technology of tomorrow

Note: If not used properly results may end with fire or an explosion due to an overflow of heat and or electrical energy. Also, is a powerful magnet that may grow stronger the longer it is on.

Price: $9,999.99

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