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Services and Pricing Structure 2019

Our Work

We believe that all children can learn, and specialize in helping schools reach their most complex learners by changing the practices that marginalize them. Many educators have an intangible belief that all students can learn; we work with school communities to crystallize the practices that make that idea a reality. We provide coaching and curriculum design. We work flexibly with groups of children, teachers, parents, community members, school staff, and administration. Though much of our work happens in a classroom, we design full-day workshops, lectures, and keynote presentations. We design study groups and workshop experiences for communities and school staff. All of the work that we do is done through an inclusive, culturally sustaining framework.

Kass and Cornelius are happy to plan a learning event or professional development for your school community on any of the services we offer, and will work with you to negotiate a rate that is appropriate for the work we create together. Alternately, request Cornelius or Kass to work with after reading the services each one of us provides on the PD menu provided below.

Please note that we are an approved NYC Department of Education Vendor.

Onsite Professional Development

  • All full-day professional development packages include a 45 minute off-site planning session 2-4 weeks prior to professional development work.
  • All full-day professional development packages include six hours of professional development work with participants. Up to three items chosen from the menu below will be customized and developed for your community’s day of professional development work.
  • All full-day professional development packages include a 30 minute post-session onsite debrief with key stakeholders.
  • Additional hours of off-site virtual consultations can be purchased for follow up work on initiatives, troubleshooting challenges, and supporting steps for moving forward for communities that have previously purchased professional development days only.
  • Staff/Community Study Groups can be purchased in addition to Professional Development packages outside of New York City. Building Inclusive Spaces Study Groups can be selected in isolation in New York City only. This option includes a 30 minute planning session 2-4 weeks prior to meeting, and at minimum two two hour on-site meetings with participants.

Professional Development Topics

*Choose 2-3 topics you’d like to focus on within your community. Based on the

information given to us via questionnaire and planning conversations, we will

customize professional development for your community.

*KM=Services Kass provides CM=services Cornelius provides

● Writing and Reading Workshop & Fostering Student Independence Through

Practice, Small Groups, and Conferences (CM)

● Digital and Media Literacy & Building Critical Thinking Skills Through Authentic

Listening (CM)

● Engagement Teaching and Leading When it Feels “difficult” or even “impossible”

— Using Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies and Design Thinking to Build Community,

Trust” (CM)

● Innovative math and literacy structures for complex learners including project

based learning, multi-modal instruction, and collaborative group work (KM or


● Transitioning students from special education classrooms to less restrictive

environments (KM)

● Inclusive Instructional Design rooted in Culturally Relevant Teaching;

embedding UDL, Executive Functioning, and Social Emotional Literacy within

Curriculum Frameworks (KM or CM)

● Fostering adult collaboration for all participants working with students in ICT

classrooms, with SETTS providers, ENL teachers, and other related service providers (KM)

● Creating strong, student-centered collaborative classroom communities; that

operate from restorative practices and positive behavior management

systems (KM or CM)

● Building Inclusive Spaces study groups in your school community that explore

different perspectives on building inclusive spaces when difference is salient (can

take place within staff, between staff and families, or within families that are

members of the school community) (KM or CM)

Professional Development Facilitation Delivery Menu

*Choose up to three modes of PD facilitation for one day of professional development

*KM=Services Kass provides CM=services Cornelius provides

*If you would like both Kass and Cornelius to plan professional development for you,

we will customize a plan and pricing structure based on your needs.

● Whole group workshops (CM or KM)

● Breakout planning sessions (CM or KM)

● Presentation on topic of interest (CM or KM)

● Customized study group, coaching, and/or in classroom professional

development (CM or KM)

● Student and/or Family consultations (CM or KM)

● Leadership Development meeting (CM or KM)

● Keynote (CM)

Civic Engagement Work: Organizing for Structural Change Within Communities Beyond the School.

This option typically takes place outside of the school, and engages community

members to build more equitable practices in a holistic manner. It also includes the

same time as a day of professional development.

Participants for this type of work could include: City Councils, Chamber of

Commerce, School Boards, Community-Based Affinity Groups, and/or (but not limited

to) School District Meetings.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Student-Parent-Teacher Organizing, Community

Education, Raising Consciousness, Restorative Practices, and Local Funding



Professional Development is done in coaching cycles, starting at a minimum of three days.

Full day Keynote + Workshop Package, can be purchased singularly (CM)

Study groups are purchased at a minimum of 2 two hour sessions.

Please contact for pricing quotes or visit to read more about our work.

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