Pedro Carlos Cavadas Rodríguez

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Why is a everyday hero?

It is a Spanish plastic surgeon. He graduated in Medicine in 1989. He has achieved international fame because of his successes in transplanting limbs and, recently, to carry out, in 2009, the first face transplant performed in Spain, eighth in the world. The world's first jaw and tongue. One of his brothers died in an accident. And he and his two brothers have a foundation called: Fundacion Cavadas.

His typical working day

Pedro Cavadas Carlos Rodríguez Works as a surgeon. A typical workday for a surgeon may involve up to one day of operation. A surgeon working in a private hospital or medical center. Opera free children from Africa (Kenya).

At work

At work, Pedro Rodriguez Carlos Cavadas has to operate on patients using the medicine and take care of everyone. To be a doctor you need these skills: intelligence, patience and love to help people.


I would like to be a surgeon, because it is a very important job, and there is a good salary. I prefer to be a policeman on horseback because I like to do good things for others and because I like horses.