The Hunger Games

By. Suzanne Collins


Prim gets picked for the reaping then Katniss volunteers for her since shes only 12. For the boy tribute Peeta gets picked without a volunteer. Katniss and Peeta arrive in the Capitol with Effie and Haymitch to meets their stylists, Cinna and Portia. Katniss tries to impress the judges but they aren't paying attention to her and she gets very angry and shoots an arrow towards them. The judges can't help but to remember Katniss and give her an eleven. During the parade Cinna wants Katniss to be remembered as the girl who was on fire. During the interview Peeta confesses his love for Katniss. Read the book to see what happens next!
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Insurgent, The Scorch Trials, All of these books including The Hunger games are Science Fiction.