Comments from Judges

The 2014 P.S. Award

Bravo to all the reviewers! I am going to sign a bunch of these books out at the library at my school. I can't wait to read them!

It was a really hard to decide which book to vote for. So, I had to vote for multiple books. You all did an amazing job trying to sell your book to us judges. There were wonderful details about the characters, the authors, and the illustrations. After reading your persuasive articles, I felt eager to read the books. I look forward to reading some of these books. Keep up the great work in Reading and Writing. These skills will help you be a good communicator throughout your life. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a judge. Love, Mrs. Miller

I really liked that you used specific examples to support your opinion. Some of you included that it had steps to follow based on skill level and the author's use of illustrations.

Dear boys and girls: I am so proud of all of you for entering the 2014 PS Award program! As I read each nomination letter, I was impressed with the quality and content of your thoughtfully written work! Because of the persuasive comments you made to support your books it was very difficult for this judge to choose one nomination that stood out from the others! You are all winners in my opinion! Keep writing! It is one of my favorite past times and I hope it becomes one of yours! You certainly persuaded me to read some new books!! Love to all of you and keep writing! Mrs, West

I was so impressed with the PS Award opinion pieces. I especially liked how the students used support from the text and LOTS of details -- I felt like I had read these books myself! GREAT JOB!

Congratulations to every student!! Your writings were very persuasive! It was very difficult for me to make my vote! Loved how many of you posed a question in your opening sentence to get me thinking. Looking forward to seeing who wins the PS Award! Keep up the GREAT writing!

So very very proud of everyone of these second grade writers. All of your work is wonderful. KEEP WRITING!!!

You are developing some wonderful writing skills with the help of some wonderful writing teachers! Listen to your instructors and your persuasive skills will grow and grow. Keep up the great effort!

Your writings were well written and full of details!

Congratulations, CES Writers! I am so impressed with your writing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the book nominations - what a wonderful variety of books. Your writing has inspired me to read these books myself. Each of you should be proud of your work and feel good knowing that your writing will prompt others to pick up a book and read. Reading IS fun and Writing IS fun! Keep shining, CES Stars!

Great job! I loved reading several of the great opening sentences for opinion pieces!

Wow! Great work, 2nd grade!! It was very hard to choose a favorite because you all did such an amazing job with your writing. I am very proud of you - keep up the excellent work! -Ms. Vasquez

Great Job everyone. You all are among the "Stars."

Susan Verdi

Literacy Specialist

Centerville Elementary School