Whānau Open Day

Witherlea School - End of Term 1 Celebration

Our Purpose / Kaupapa

We want to be able to connect with our families / whānau in ways that are formal and informal so that you know the important part you play in the team that supports ALL our learners to reach their potential.

This term our students have been learning through the Pillar: Belonging and this links directly to Social Sciences with concepts being drawn from the 'new' New Zealand Histories curriculum.

We will start on the Top Court with our Kapa Haka groups; Puawai (Year 5-6) and Pihinga (Year 2-4). Also performing is our 'new' Sign Language Group led by Alana Sagar one of our parents. We have sports trophies and athletes to recognise for; Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball and our school will sing to you all.

This is happening straight after morning tea at 11:30am so that our children have had a chance to eat, to run and to play before it all begins.

Following the formalities on the Top Court we will head into our classrooms where your children will be able to show you through their books so you can see the progress they have made. This supports our learners to understand that learning is a journey and that school and home are an integral part of this process. Seeing themselves as learners is the first step to building the capabilities and dispositions of a powerful learner.

The sausage sizzle will be ready at approximately 12:45pm and will run through to 1:30pm. We invite you to stay and enjoy this with us.

Families / whānau are welcome to take their children home however the school is open till 3pm (this is only an option for those who wish to take it up). The rest of the children will have their lunch break and back into class for a short time before going home for the term.

Whānau Open Day

Friday, April 16th, 11:30am

Witherlea School

All children to bring their Sausage Sizzle slip and money on Thursday and place in class baskets. This will be counted and sausages ordered for Friday - thank you to those who have sent your RSVP from the school Newsletter so we can order the correct amounts.

Outline of Day

11:30am: Meet on Top Court = seating provided

11:40pm: Performances

12:10pm: Students take their families / whānau back to their classes

12:45pm: Sausage Sizzle open for purchase (prepay for children)

1:30pm: Official lunch break

3pm: End of Term

Sausage Sizzle Order Form

These will be sent home Wednesday 14th April (today) so please check in your child's bag. Also available at the classroom. Orders in tomorrow (Thursday).

Safe Holiday Break

If you are unable to join us Friday we do wish you all a safe and happy holiday break with your wonderful children.

We are so looking forward to Term Two where we will connect with you on our Whānau Open Morning (breakfast and open classes) in conjunction with our annual Matariki Celebrations.