By Nora and Paulina

Street Through Time

Street through time

In all the different time periods the houses and animals change. In the 10,000 bc time their huts (home)were much smaller. As time went on the huts got much bigger. Like in 900’s. At that time the huts were much, much bigger. A big change that happen with architecture is in the 1400’s it wasn’t huts it was towns. There were Town Halls and toilets and many other new features and buildings than times before.It was more a town than a village. That went on until our time now. Architecture is not the only thing that changed over time.


At the beginning of time in 10,000 all the houses were made of straw and wood. And in the 16,000 the houses were made of bricks and glass. The houses in 10,000 had one story, but in the 16,000 they had more than one story floors in their houses.

In the 10,000 (the stone age) they only had canoes but in the 16,000 they had actual boats and ships to explore on and travel on.