Alex Kress

What are valleys?

Valleys are low places that go down threw the earth. Some Valleys have hills or mountains around them and some even have a river that goes through the bottom of the Valley bottom.

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Physical Features

A valley can be rocky or bare and some can be in a hot dry desert or a wet green jungle. Valleys are all different sizes like some can be really narrow and some could be a thousand feet.

Natrul Resources

In Death Valley the natural resources there are like crystals, animals, and plants and water.

maps and images

this is a map of valleys and the orange dots is where the valleys are.
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Some animals that live in the valleys are deer, wild sheep, wild goats, and foxes. There are also coyotes and some valleys have a stream that goes threw the bottom of the valley and the stream has animals like fish, turtles, ducks, and otters to.

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