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State Facts

  • Abbreviation - HI
  • Capital - Honolulu
  • Largest City - Honolulu
  • Area - 4,028^2
  • Population - 1.42 million

State symbols

  • Nickname - The Aloha State
  • Motto - "Ua Mau Ea o Aina i Ka Pono." it says, " The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."
  • Hawai'i Pono'i is the state anthem
  • Nene
  • Hawaiian hibiscus
  • Candlenut

State Flag

The flag has eight horizontal stripes that symbolizes the eight inhabited islands. The flag is a hybrid of the British flag and the united states flag.

Hawaii Map

Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean with no bordering states.
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History of Hawaii

  • The most important event that happened to Hawaii was the Attack on Pearl Harbor. This is what brought the second great war that America has fought in, World War ll.
  • The first settlers came to Hawaii in 1778.
  • In 1893 Hawaii was named Pineapple island for the abundance of pineapples they have.
  • In 1959 Hawaii became part of the United States.
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Agriculture & Industry

  • Agriculture- Pineapples, sugar cane, greenhouse nursery products, macadamia nuts, and coffee.
  • Industry- Hawaii is known for their great tourism.

famous people & politics & education & social issues.

  • Famous people - Barack Obama, Marcus Mariota, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry.
  • Culture - Hawaiians like to dance. They surf and have dresses and wear a lot of native flowers on their ears or anywhere on there body. They also have trible tattoos.
  • Politics - Hawaiians are democrats . They voted on 11 of the last 13 presidents.
  • Education - 8 percent of Hawaiians are military connected . They are teaching the standard education , math , reading , art, English, science, etc.
  • Social issues - attitude is key in Hawaii if you have a bad attitude then you will meet bad people if you have good attitude you will meet good people. Racism against white people. Common crimes are break-in houses and purse and wallet snatching.


  • Places to visit - Pearl Harbor, North Shore of Oahu, Waikiki Beach and Maui.
  • Activities - Hiking on Haleakala, rappel down waterfalls, zip lining, look at the island on a helicopter.
  • Monuments - Diamond Head Lighthouse, Puukohola Heiau, Bailey House Museum.