Athens vs. Sparta

Which was the better city-state?


Athens focused on education less then war because they believed they its better to be educated then prepare for a war that may or may not ever happen. Only boys went to school but this was common back then. Girls stayed home with their mothers and learned house hold chores.


Sparta was always ready for anything you could possibly throw at them. They trained men from the age of 7-30 for military service. They strongly believed in sports and strength, because they were always prepared for if the helots rebelled.

How were they different?

They were too very powerful and successful city-states but in very different ways. Sparta had a great military, but they lacked education and culture. Athens had amazing trade tactics, well educated people and long lasting architecture, but they werent ready for the wars ahead of them. But I think their goverment plays a big part in how they are different. Spartas goverment was a oligarchy, and athens was a democracy.