Curran Events



I hope you all are coming off of a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving break. I had a great time spending the holiday with my family in Cayucos - a great time to reflect on what I am thankful for an excited about.

Writing And Math

We will be starting our information writing unit this month. In his unit, students will select a topic that they will become an expert on (soccer, dancing, elephants etc.). This week we will be brainstorming what to teach within our selected topics.

In math, we are beginning to do multi-digit subtraction as well as rounding numbers to the nearest, 10 and 100. Please contact me if you have any questions about the homework, I would love to help.

Reading at Home

Make sure your child is reading at least 15 minutes each day so that they can adequately fill out the reading response journal. I would also encourage your student to start reading non-fiction texts and exploring chapter books.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday: Chinese Acrobats assembly
  • Friday: Parents night out - invite only via perfect attendance achievement.