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We are so delighted to have several new people add to the Oakdale Family!!! Please welcome Ms. Carolyn Williams as an Instructional Assistant!!!! Monday is her first day:) When I get the start dates for our other members, I will let you know!

Thanks to ALL who participated in Kindergarten's HAT day!!!!

I have enjoyed seeing the strong turn out of parents to take part in conferences:)

Shout out to the C & I Committee, they will roll out our new school chant to be performed at the awards ceremonies!!!!!

Ms. Beckham for coming on board and jumping in with both feet!!!

Ms. Heath's class for winning the canned food drive and to others who gave it a good try:)

Christy Reid who will lead Math Alliance trainings in the district!!

Data, Data, Data...

Rethinking Classroom Data with Purpose in Mind

I want to thank those who have expressed an interest in be a part of the Data Team!!! This promises to be a rewarding experience.

Below are a few of the data points collected at River Oaks. Every school does this differently and we want to create a sustainable way to collect, track and monitor data here at Oakdale.

Our meetings this week will also help to identify how we will use our many data points!

Student Engagement

We often see students who are very bright but appear to be not interested in what we are teaching. Sometimes it is too easy, sometimes too difficult. Other times, they might be going through or dealing with something that has nothing to do with us or school. How can we tell? What are some strategies we can use to reach these hard to reach students?

Read the article in your spare time by clicking the link below. It starts with this quote:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

—Alvin Toffler

Read more: http://creativeeducator.tech4learning.com/v10/articles/Connecting_with_Hard-to-Reach_Learners#ixzz2jcATVZoY

Please click on the blue words TodaysMeet, or type: www.todaysmeet.com/Eagles

  • Type your name
  • Click join
  • Answer the question


Did you know that Open Enrollment has been extended until November 15th. This is the time to make any changes to your health benefits. Here is the blurb from an old Friday Focus...

Don’t forget that October is also the month for benefits enrollment. There are lots of changes and new options in the State Health Plan this year. If you don’t participate in enrollment, you’ll be automatically defaulted to the 70/30 plan. Benefits counselors will visit every CMS location during October and will be present at four flu clinics on Saturdays in October. Learn more at cms.hrintouch.com


  • First round Pre-Conferences and Observations end Friday Nov. 8th
  • Please continue to review the Non-Negotiables...
  • Working on a schedule for Hip Hop Abs in the gym; need someone to lead it... (4:00-4:45)
  • Save the dates... Kim S. will be back to provide support on Mini Lessons: see schedule that was emailed
  • If you did not take a picture on Picture Day, please plan to take one on the make-up date 11/15. These are free and will be featured in the yearbook.
  • 3-5 Report Card information is in your box in a manilla folder, we will come around to answer questions and to provide support as needed.

Schedule for this Week

Monday Nov. 4 Day 1
  • Book Fair Starts

Tuesday Nov. 5 Day 2

  • Election Day- Please vote and wear your sticker!!!
  • Mentee Meeting @ 7:45
  • Data Meeting 3rd grade
  • Alexander @ Principal Meeting PM

Wednesday Nov. 6 Day 3

  • PD @ 7:30 in the Media Center
  • Rep. from Making Meaning here all day (will likely push into planning meetings)

Thursday Nov. 7 Day 4

  • SLT in the Media Center@ 7:30
  • Data Meetings 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade
  • PTA Meeting and BINGO night
  • Book Fair open 5-7 pm
  • Thursday Folders go home

Friday Nov. 8 Day 5

  • Lunch Buddy Day!!!