November Newsletter

Busy Bees Primary Classroom

Independent Busy Bees

The children have become increasingly independent during the past 2 months. Now, they enjoy sweeping after snack. Children can often be heard saying, “I can do it by myself,” or “I did it myself,” referring to activities such as completing lessons, going to the restroom, or folding and putting away their own bedding. They celebrate each accomplishment, relishing in their competence. These daily routines are truly part of their Practical Life work, facilitating development of order, coordination, concentration, and independence.

Fall Exploration

During the month of October, the children were excited to experience some cooler weather—despite its inconsistence—and to explore falling leaves and acorns! They sorted leaves, noting differences in color and shape. They associated acorns with the life cycle of the tree. They also explored apples, studying their parts and the life cycle of the apple tree. The children were excited to find seeds inside of apples. We talked about how God designed the plants to produce fruit containing seeds that can be used to produce new plants. We also had fun sampling various apple foods and voting for our favorite apples. Finally, we studied the life cycle of the pumpkin and then the parts of the pumpkin as we carved it.

Looking Ahead

The children will apply what they’ve learned about the globe, maps, and the fall harvest as we begin our study of Thanksgiving. We will begin preparing for our Christmas Program.

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday-Friday, November 2-4

    All your children's belongings—extra clothes in cubbies, medication/sunscreen, blankets, etc., will be sent home.

  • Friday, November 4

    The school will close at 3pm. Please pick up your child on time.

  • Monday and Tuesday, November 7 and 8

    The school will be closed while we prepare the new classrooms.

  • Wednesday, November 9

    We will officially be open at our new location.

  • Monday, November 14, Wednesday, November 16, & Monday, November 21

    Busy Bees fall conferences will be held.

  • Wednesday, November 23

    Half Day—School closes at 12pm NOON

  • Thursday and Friday, November 24-25

    School will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving Break.

November Curriculum

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

Chapel: Powerful God helps me be brave—David and Goliath, Daniel, Joshua, Gideon

Special Units: Thanksgiving

Practical Life: Table Setting, Grace and Courtesy

Language: Favorite Part, Matching Sounds (Initial and Final)

Sensorial: Sound Cylinders, Constructive Triangles

Math: The Base Ten System (one, ten, one hundred, one thousand)

History: Native Americans, Pilgrims

Science: Water Cycle, Weather Chart, Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates, Birds

Geography: North America

Class News/Information

  • It’s fall conference time. If you would like to meet for a parent-teacher conference, please sign up on the sheet posted on the classroom door.

  • Thank you to our wonderful Busy Bees families for all of your support as we transition to our new location.

Contact Us!

Please feel free to contact me through e-mail if you have any questions or concerns. I am always open to setting up a meeting/conference.

Thank you!

- Miss Connie

"Let's Reunite Children and Nature"