Basic Needs for Toddlers

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as a guardian ...

I was asked to take care of a 4 yr old boy because his parents could no longer take care of him. I have tried many things to teach Jay everything a toddler needs to know.

he is actually doing good with all my rules that i have found and used on him.


When it comes to talking to other people they might be helpful but demanding at times.

When Jay turned five he felt that he was in control of others.

when your He started daycare or being around more people he was shy at first,

they will cry when they see you leave because they aren't use to the environment.

they will eventually get used to being around them and become more comfortable.


Your child is learning how to express their feelings at this age,

for example Jay did it by talking, using gestures, noises, painting and making things.

you may hear them saying sorry to to others if they feel like they hurt the other person.

they start to agree with the rules and being pleased when something good happens to someone else.


To help encourage your child's physical development you should play plenty of games with them that involves sorting and matching objects.

they will start to walk confidently up and down stairs, running at a comfortable speed.

expansion of motor skills.

they start to grow and look older than they are.

Jay grew and came familiar with shapes and objects after laying games for a while.

he has started to look older week by week.


they start to learn how to deal with real life problems,

they start understanding the meaning of words and learn how to respond to what someone is telling them.

they start to respect rules and know their rights from wrongs.

they start to expand in their vocabulary by what they hear constantly and eventually learn the meaning.

Jay has grew so much and started respecting rules and deals with problems better than usual.