The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning For All

Our Mission: Why We Do The Right Thing

The mission of Chula Vista High School, an academic and artistic community that celebrates its traditions, spirit, and diverse culture, is to ensure all students realize their highest aspirations through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • Academic rigor across the curriculum fostering lifelong intellectual curiousity
  • A climate of respect, fairness, equality, and security promoting individual confidence and responsibility
  • A culture of collaboration between school, family, and community
  • A proactive network of student support
  • Exciting, unprecedented opportunities for student involvement
  • Creative and artistic expression
  • State of the Art Technology
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Mary Rose's Schedule (Subject to Change)


Monday, January 18:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

HOLIDAY: No School

Tuesday, January 19:

7:30 Elective Fair

8:30 Coffee with the Principal

9:30 Strategic Arts Plan Committee @ VAPA

2:50 SSC @ New Library

6:00 ELAC @ Learning Lab

Wednesday, January 20:

8:00 Interview

9:30 Staff Mtg. @ Parent Center

11:00 Interview

12:45 Interview

2:00 Staff Mtg.

2:50 Faculty Meeting

6:30 Boys Basketball @ SYHS

Thursday, January 21:

9:00 Principal Mtg. @ PDC

12:00 Metro Directors Mtg. @ PDC

2:00 T. Torgerson @ HR

4:00 Technology Task Force Mtg. @ Special Services Conf. Rm

Friday, January 22:

7:45 Calendar

1:00 Classroom Visits

3:00 Soccer

6:30 Girls Basketball @ MOH

Saturday, January 23:

8:00 Saturday School (Mr. Lara)


Monday, January 25:

8:00 Learning Walks

5:30 Roller Hockey vs. EHS @ CPH Rink

Tuesday, January 26:

7:30 Classroom visits

Wednesday, January 27:

8:00 Counselors re: Placement Guidelines 2016-17 SY

1:00 Classroom Visits

Thursday, January 28:

9:00 Classroom Visits

4:00 Management Mtg. @ PDC

Friday, January 29:

7:45 Calendar

1:00 Classroom Visits

Saturday, January 30:

8:00 Saturday School

Kudos, Transitions, and Thanks

  • Thank you to all of you for setting the tone of learning and engagement right from the very first day of school. I agree with you that there is no time to waste and you did not skip a beat by delving right into learning. Kudos!
  • Marie-Pierre Ruggeiro accepted a position at Chula Vista Elementary School District. Her last day will be Monday, January 18. Please join me in wishing her well in her new adventure. Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan.
  • George Irish has decided not to rejoin us second semester. Please join me in wishing him well in his future endeavors.
  • Congratulations to Coach Carolina Soto! One of her soccer players, Desiree Arellano, will be highlighted by Fox News for her outstanding work on and off the field. Desiree will be filmed in action in her Art Class with Michelle Spielman.
  • CVHS and our sister school, CVM, have been chosen as pilot schools for the implementation of Restorative Justice. What this means is we will be receiving professional development and engaging in collaborative work to further enhance a positive culture of respect and learning at our school.

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • How am I building on skills learned first semester to help students be successful second semester?
  • How am I conveying, with clarity, the purpose of the day's lesson, how the day's agenda supports its completion, and the evidence that students need to show for completion/mastery?
  • How am I developing creating opportunities for structured student interaction?
  • How have I planned for possible misconceptions?
  • How am I scaffolding for English Learners and/or Students With Disabilities?
  • How am I grouping my students so that they are helping each other reach their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) as they collaborate?

Faculty Meeting, January 20, 2016, Agenda

Our Faculty meeting will be held in the Learning Lab on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 starting at 2:50 PM. The agenda will be as follows:

  • Teacher of the Year Nominees
  • Teacher of the Year voting procedure
  • Boundary Changes and effect on CVHS
  • Tardy Policy
  • Student-Led Conferences
  • PSAT Results
  • Long Range Facility Master Plan Update
  • Finals Week--setting the stage for conversation

In preparation for our meeting, please read the proposed Tardy Policy that will be attached to the Principal's Bulletin E-mail. Please pay close attention to the definition of Tardy, the effect on grades, and staff and administrator responsibilities to address this issue. Part of the faculty meeting time will be used to gather input and suggestions to enhance the policy. The Tardy Policy will be implemented this semester.

For The Common Good

  • NEW ATTENDANCE SYSTEM: Subfinder should NOT be used to report absences anymore. Effective January 1, 2016 SubFinder was replaced with a new absence recording program called Aesop: Notifications letters of this new program were placed in your mailbox in the first week of December with detailed instructions. Priscilla Rodriguez also E-mailed all staff that same week. Lost your paper with your username and password? Please E-mail Danya Williams and Mary Wager if you need assistance.
  • ELECTIVE FAIR: Tuesday, January 19 is the Elective Fair to be held in the gym beginning Period 1. Thank you to the Social Science teachers for agreeing to take their classes. Please encourage your students to take advantage of this opportunity to gather information that will help them make informed decisions about courses they will want to enroll in. Thank you to all staff who are highlighting their courses and programs to generate student interest.
  • TEACHER OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS: The E-mail was sent with the nomination form attached. Please nominate a colleague who you believe is the best representative to the teaching profession. Our best will compete against the best from the our district schools for the right to represent our district in the county teacher of the year competition. Nomination forms should be turned in to your union representatives by Tuesday afternoon.
  • CLASSIFIED ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CAC): I will be "resurrecting" the Classified Advisory Committee (CAC) effective second semester. This group of Classified staff representatives from Office Technical, Custodial, Instructional Assistants, Cafeteria, and Campus Assistants will meet with me or my designee monthly to identify and address concerns that hinder efficient and outstanding customer service to our constituents and community. I will be requesting each classified group (Office Technical, Custodial, Instructional Assistants, Cafeteria, and Campus Assistants) to choose a representative to attend these meetings (they will be during the duty day). Please E-mail me your representative by Tuesday, January 19. Representatives will be responsible for getting their constituents' feedback/concerns/solutions, giving input on meeting agenda, and disseminating information discussed at the meetings.
  • SAFETY CORNER: If you have any concerns about a safety hazard in your work area or anywhere on campus as a result of facilities or furniture, please let our Safety Officer, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, know either by E-mail or by personally telling him. On another note, thank you for your participation in our last drill. Feedback (areas of strength and areas for improvement) will be sent on a separate E-mail.

Because We Can Only Get Better...


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