Mustang Minutes

Nurture. Collaborate. Own

Scarborough's Summary

What a great week back we have had at the Rock! I don't know about you, but I really missed the smiling faces of our students. I hope everyone stays warm this weekend. See you on Monday!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

This week our ESOL team demonstrated excellent collaboration as they prepared for the practice ACCESS test. Way to go, team!

Kudos to the IRR team and ESOL as they welcomed new members this week. Thank you for nurturing your colleagues.

To everyone on staff..thank you for returning from break with a winning attitude and true heart for our students. We are so excited to see what great things we all accomplish these next few months.

Media Center News

Welcome back to a New Year! Please come checkout some of the new things in the media center like the new paperback book favorite author book shelf in the Everybody section. An Everybody paperback nonfiction book shelf in the works too!

Counselors' Corner

There will be a Dental Health Fair for 2nd and 4th graders in February. More information will be available shortly.

Custodian Closet

I would like to invite everyone to check out GEORGIA COMMUTE OPTIONS (formerly known as The Clean Air Campaign and part of Clean and Beautiful). They want to reward Gwinnett County Employees for wanting to BE THE SOLUTION and therefore have some incredible incentives like paying $5 a day up to $150 for those employees that try car-pools, transit, tele work, walk, van pools or bike. You can find all the details about earning money and winning prizes - or 1-877-GA-OPTIONS. Look for a poster in the teacher's workroom. Just think if you are already in a car pool you could win in a monthly $25 gift card! Again check out the details!

I have seen and increase of time off requests submitted to me for approval, when selecting your approver please note that Patricia Brown, Head Custodian, can only approve Custodial staff.

I will not be here on December 18, I am attending the University of Georgia graduation, where my future son in law will be earning his PhD in Micro Biology. So I want to remind everyone to STEP into the holiday.

Secure all laptop and kindles over the break

Trash is all collected from your classroom and placed in a tied bag in the hallway.

Eats, anything perishable in your classroom or faculty refrigerator has been taken home or placed in the trash.

Projector and lights in your room are turned off.

Technology Tips

Courses for the 2nd semester will become active on Monday 1/11. In your gradebook will notice tabs that have been labeled S2, these are the courses that you should use to enter grades for the 3rd and 4th Quarters. After reports cards have been send home you can hide your first semester tabs, so that your gradebooks aren't cluttered. The gradebook group has modified the gradebook templates for this semester to include a weight for Benchmark Assessments. Please see Adrienne if you have any questions or need support.

Coaches' corner

Remember students should be working on their level in reading daily- see instructional expectations for guidelines.

Parent Connection

Meadowcreek High School's Translation Nation Club is sponsoring it's 2nd annual toy drive.

Club members have placed a large box in the entrance of the school (behind the couches) to collect unwrapped toys, electronics and/or winter clothes for kids 0-18 years old.

Items will be given to families in need within the Meadowcreek Cluster.

Please consider donating to support our school community!

Calendar of Events

1/11- ESOL Planning day (no subs provided due to ACCESS testing)

1/12- 4th grade planning day

1/12- Mid year talks- see schedule

1/13- 5th grade planning day

1/13- AP County meeting

1/14- K planning day

1/15- 1st grade planning day

1/15- Mr. Hunter visit

1/18- NO WORK- Enjoy MLK, Jr. Day

1/19- 2nd grade planning day

1/19- Principal Cluster Meeting at Ferguson ES

1/20- 3rd grade planning day

1/21- SPED planning day

1/21- Pep Rally- All Students- information will be sent by Ms. Calcano

1/23- ELT

1/25- Rockbridge Learning Cohort Session 5

1/27- Parent Teacher Team Night 3-5 Dinner 5:30, Session starts at 6 pm

1/28- Parent Teacher Team Night K-2 Dinner 5:30, Session starts at 6 pm

1/30- ELT

RES Birthdays


1/2 Aisha Rodriguez, Gwenda Nimmo-Smith

1/5 Katie Dos Santos

1/11 Jennifer Velez

1/12 Dina Rowe, Megan Davis

1/13 Lindsay Craig

1/15 Kym Benikhis

1/17 Sabrena Hawkins

1/19 Christine Hallick

1/21 Brittany Norris

1/22 Simone Simmons

1/29 Terilyn Smith