The Libyan Revolution

By: Seth, Caeden, and Grace


When did protests begin?

Protests began in 2009

What were/are people protesting?

People didn't like the way that their ruler, Col Muammer Gaddafi was running their government. Students were forced to study his political theorys too. Some people in Libya them staged protests to demand change.

How did the government respond?

The goverment met with political and media leaders that they would be held responsible if they created chaos and unrest in Libya. They responded with violence though.

What has been the result?

It lead to more and more protests that slowly began to become voiolent and soon the military was forced to intervene, then it lead to a reform of a new constitution.

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What is happening in your country now?

Libya is trying to avoid war. They are destroying weapons and bombs that were found under the making of Muammer Gaddafi. Libya is destroying chemical weapons.

Who is in charge of the government?

Nouri Abusahmain.

Will there be elections? If so, when?

On February 20th, they will hold elections to choose a 50- member panel.

What key challenges does the country face today?

The government won't has to meet the requirements for different groups, because of the disagreement between dictatorship and democracy. The new rulers will try to improve and help the lives of Libyans. For this, they will need money, which is scarce at the moment for them. The NTC is making them select a national congress soon also.


Have international organizations (for example, the Arab League, the UN, or NATO) or other

countries been involved in events in your country? If so, how?

The UN established and enforced a no-fly zone over Libya, in order to prevent attacks on civilians.

What has been the position of the United States in your country?

The US helped Libya to destroy that last remains of Muammer Gaddafi's arsenals.

How would you characterize what has happened in your country? Would you call it a revolution?

Libya started a revolution by standing up against their leader. They fought and fought until they got what the wanted. Then, their leader died. That then, produced many other problems. But, they started a revolution, because they started wars and fights against their government , to get their point across.

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