School and Community Relationships

The importance of strong relationships

Community and Stakeholder Relationships

The goal of the community and stakeholder relationships is to identify the unique characteristics of the community to create and sustain mutually supportive family-school-community relations. Below are ten indicators that will help strengthen these relationships.

1. Ability to address student and family conditions affecting learning

2. Ability to identify community leaders and their relationships to school goals and programs

3. Ability to communicate the school’s vision, mission, and priorities to the community

4. Knowledge to serve as primary school spokesperson in the community

5. Ability to share leadership and decision-making with others by gathering input

6. Ability to seek resources of families, business, and community members in support of the school’s goals

7. Ability to develop partnerships, coalitions, and networks to impact student achievement

8. Ability to actively engage the community to share responsibility for student and school success

9. Ability to involve family and community in appropriate policy implementation, program planning, and assessment efforts

10. Knowledge to make parents partners in their student’s education

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