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Showcasing Exemplary Work

Welcome to our Wall of Fame, a website showcasing exemplary work that is completed during our literacy block. On this page you will see a variety of work representing the powerful thoughts and words from Woodland Academy's 6th grade students in Mrs. Dorant's class.

Writer's Workshop

"Magical Stone Donkies" by Christina

Christina's first piece of published writing exemplifies solid sixth grade work. Her creative story incorporates strong vocabulary, figurative language, and dialogue. Her humorous writing style hooks the reader and keeps them entertained throughout the story!

"The Wither" by Wilkerson

Throughout the writing process, Wilkerson incoporated ideas, strategies, and skills that he learned through mini-lessons. His published piece is has a clear beginning, middle, and end, and includes specific details that help the reader understand the mind behind the mob!

"Cranes of Truth" by Pha

Pha's published novel goes above and beyond the expectations as he writes creatively writes a story including the themes of pain, betrayel, hared, and revenge. Throughout the writing process, Pha maximized his time on learning, worked to build stamina in writing, and valued the editing and revising process to make his writing stronger.

Daily 5 - Writing about Reading

During the Work on Writing center of our Daily 5 Literacy Block, students take the time to respond to their reading. In their reader's notebooks the students thoughtfully reflect on what they read each and every day in one of two ways. On guided reading days, students respond to an open response based on their instructional reading book. Responses are scored on the spout using the posted rubric. On days when students do not meet for guided reading, they write about their independent reading book. This entry includes examples of the strategies he/she used while reading, along with examples of new words he/she learned while reading.

Responding to a Guided Reading Prompt