How failures encourage perseverance

failures teach you how to be successful in everything you do

Michael Jordan; how he failed and persevered in the beginning and end of his life

Michael Jordan was born on February 17th 1963 In brooklyn New York. He had two brothers and two sisters. He was a very competitive boy in everything he did. His brother was a basketball player but his dad always had a love for baseball. He grew up playing baseball with his dad. Later he tried to start playing basketball. His brother was his childhood idol so that encouraged him try harder and become better. At his high school when he was a sophomore he tried out for the varsity basketball team. They said because he was to short and to small they had to cut him. That summer he grew four inches and trained extremely hard and he was accepted onto the team for his last two years and won a scholarship to north carolina university along with other awards.

In his later life, Michael jordan’s college team won the NCAA championships in 1984. He was elected NCAA college player of the year. He left college junior year so he could be drafted for the NBA. He lead the chicago bulls to the NBA championships 6 times. Jordan won most valuable player 5 times. He averages 28.2 points each game. In the summer of 1984 he played in the olympic games for the first time with the U.S basketball game. They won a gold medal at the olympics held in Los Angeles They won another gold medal at the olympics held in Spain in 1992. In between the two games in 1986 he returned to North Carolina University to get a degree in Geography.

In both stages of his life averaged 25 to 28 points a game. He trained extremely hard with many different teas during both stages of his life. He also won many awards when he was young and old. Jordan won many championships with his team weather in highschool or the olympics.

Pushing through the failures he faced during his life lead him to victory. He could have given up when he was cut from the highschool team. Many people don’t have the courage to keep trying after they have failed. Those people never reach their dreams or life goals. His failures pushed him to work harder and made him be the best he could be for himself and his team.

Misty copeland; How she struggled in order to reach her dreams

On september 10th 1982 Misty Copeland was born into an african american family of six brothers and sisters. She was often lonely and ignored by her mom and siblings. Growing up her mom was married and remarried four times. In November of 1995 she took her first dance class. She would dance to get away from the loneliness and disappointment of her family. Dancing made her feel better about herself and the life around her. It was her escape.

In February of 1996 she took her first ever pointe class. From then on she became more serious about her life as a dancer. She started living with her dance teachers for better training and to get away from her lonely life at her home. Her mom started getting angry and tried to battle for custody. She kept the stress of her family out of her head and kept trying to be a better dancer.

When she was 15 she won first place in the Music Center Spotlight Awards. Soon after, she took summer intensives with ABT on scholarship. They chose her for the national coca-cola scholarship winner in 2000. She joined their company in september 2000. She joined their ballet company in 2001. She was the only african american in her company of 80 girls. She often felt very lonely and unaccepted. She wasn't included with the other girls and kept thinking about quitting. She kept working relatively hard but wasn't as motivated to be better anymore. She decided against the idea of quitting. SHe didn’t quit because of her love for dance. Also because she kept thinking about the amazing dancer that came before her That were never recognised by others and didn’t feel like they were worth it. She felt that by continuing to dance she would be representing the women that came before her. She accepted the lead role in a major ballet called “fire bird” in 2012. prior to that bellet people began to know who she was. She went on to sign contracts to model sports clothes with brands like under armour.

Pushing herself even through the loneliness and all the times when she felt like she was worthless lead to her success. Once in an interview she was asked what she was trying to prove, She said, "That I belong, that i'm capable, that i'm a ballerina, that it doesn't matter what color I am, that it doesn't matter what body type I have." (Youtube:Misty copeland: a new kind of ballet) Misty spoke with conviction when she talked about ballet being for everyone. She is now living her dream and doing what she loves each day. Working through her personal struggles and emotions lead her to become someone she loves while doing what she loves. Many people will never have the courage to work through their struggles to live their dream like she did.

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Misty Copeland: The cover girl for a new kind of ballet

Walt Disney; The strugles he faced and how he overcame them

In his childhood life he and his brothers had many problems with their dad. They kept fighting with him and he wasn't supportive. Eventually one by one each of his brothers began to run away. He even ran away and faked his age in order to be able to drive ambulances in World War 1. They eventually put away their family differences. He and his brother even made cartoons that brought families together each day. Despite their issues he honored both his parents until after their deaths.

When he was 22 living in Kansas City he became bankrupt when one of his cartoons failed. He lost his motivation to be an animator. He moved to California with only $40 and a few pairs of clothes in a bag. This wasn't a petty situation. He wanted to be an actor because he thought he wasn't good enough to be an animator. He arrived in California to find that there were no animation businesses therefore no competition. He and his brother set the bar high and no one would become as successful as they were. They were the most successful brothers in Hollywood.

The artists that were working for him started working for someone else. He figured out that he didn’t own the extremely successful character of Oswald the lucky rabbit. On the way home from the meeting when the people told him this tragic news he thought of mickey mouse. Mickey mouse would come to serve as the symbol of the company. Many people would eventually help him create his successful business.

In the 1930s he was having troubles. He kept adding on to the characters even though he didn’t have enough money to so he wasn't making any money. He didn’t get enough sleep at night and was really anxious. He would even burst into tears for no reason. His work staff insisted he take another honeymoon with his wife. He came back relaxed and ready to work. He got through all his mental and emotional issues on the trip. Days after their anniversary disneyland opened.

If Walt Disney didn’t push through these failures he would have never reached this level of success. He wouldn’t have learned how to do it. In his lifetime he, earned more than 950 honors, built disneyland, received 48 academy awards, created over 81 films and over one hundred shorts. These successes would have never been possible if he didn’t work through his failures and didn’t have the courage to keep trying after his failures.

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Abraham Lincoln; How dealing with failures lead to major events

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a republican. He hated the idea of slavery on U.S territory. He kept looking for a solution. At no point was he complacent. He also wanted a way to end the civil war. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation saying that there could be no slaves in the united states. Since he signed the Emancipation Proclamation slave owners could no force their slaves to fight for them in the confederate army. He wanted the people to stop dying from the war so he signed the Emancipation Proclamation to stop it.

In 1854 he lost the election for U.S senator. His claim was to free the slaves. This claim stood out to the republicans so they voted that he run for president. Because they voted that he run for president he was able to get into the election and win. When he won he gained a lot of power and was able to do many things for our society.

When he became president of the united states and moved into the white house the democracy got angry. They didn’t like that a republican was in control of their country. They were the people who wanted to keep slaves. Before Abraham Lincoln was officially elected they threatened to secede from the country. Because they were officially elected some countries did secede. By 1861 seven countries seceded.

Abraham Lincoln was against the confederates. The confederates wanted to keep slavery. The general of the confederates didn't want any more of his man dying in the war. He saw that they were obviously going to loose and more people were going to die so he surrendered. When Lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation that ended slavery the confederates got really upset. Many people were very angry including John Wilks Booth. When Abraham Lincoln was coming out of a theater he was shot and killed. The freedom of the slaves and his republican background was the cause of his death.

If he never would have failed when he ran for the U.S senate he would have never had the chance to become president. In his lifetime he lost eight elections. If he gave up after losing those ones he would have never became president and we would still have slaves or many more people would have died over the issue. Even though not everyone voted for him he was one of the best things that has happened to this country so if he didn’t keep trying through all his failures we would still be having major struggles.

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Vincent Van Gogh and how he dealt with failure

Early life

In Vincent Van Gogh’s early life he didn’t know he wanted to be a painter. He grew up in Holland thinking he would be a pasture. He had many mental instabilities through his life. He eventually moved to france to become a painter. He spent no time on artwork. At age 16 he was hired to work at an art gallery. Eventually he developed an interest in painting so he decided he wanted to sell painting like his dad. He went to college and soon after dropped out. He became poor and opened a ministry with minors. Later he realised he wanted to leave his brother with an important part of him so he started to paint.


He taught himself how to paint. He studied famous painters paintings to that his would be perfect. He made over 1,000 drawings, 150 water colors, and 10 graphics. He felt he wasn't good but his brother kept pushing him to be a lot better. His dad and brother played for him while he was living in hotels and when he dropped out of school. He lived as a poor person in order to be a painter.


During Van Gogh’s short life of 37 years he only sold one painting. He painted for nine years. He eventually became very depressed. He would get into fights with others. He had no confidence and saw himself as worthless.

Later Life

He went to mental hospitals through his life. Eventually depression consumed him and he went on to commit suicide. After his death he became one of the most famous painters and his paintings are worth thousands and are in museums. He never got to live out success but even though he didn’t think he was a good painter he kept painting and eventually became successful even though he didn't get to live his success.

Vincent Van Gogh once said, "It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whoever loves much and performs much, can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done." (goodreads) This shows how much he tried to be an amazing artist. He loved it so much he really wanted to be good at it and kept trying even though he had no money. When he thought he wasn't good enough he just kept pushing through it because he loves it so much. Most people will stop trying if they aren't good at it even if they love it because they are scared what others will think of them. He never stopped trying and he persevered through so much in his life.

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