Should students be able to use the phone in class?

Do you agree or disagree

Should students be aloud to use the cellphone in class? Well many people different opinions, believe it or not even students do not agree.

What I think

I think students should be able to use their phone in class. They should be able to text there friend in another class to ask them for help. If there is a test the kids should have to put there phone away. If someone is abusing the use of there phone then it should be taken away. If someone was in Spanish they could call someone that spoke Spanish and talk to them to practice there fluency. Although, I think students should not be aloud to have there phone in class. So i do not really care if there is cell phones allowed in class or not.

Facts for cell phones in class

"First a cell phone in class can be safe if anything bad happens," says many moms who said there opinion on debate.org. A cell phone can be used for school work, more schools are allowing a phone to be used in class, for school work. A cell phone can be used in a forum language class, for example to practice fluency the class could call and talk to someone who spoke the language they were learning.

Facts for no cell phone in class

"So a cell phone should not be used in class because it can be overused, you do not want to be on your phone all the time," says debate.org moms. Did you know 63% of teens use phones in class when they are not supposed to. any kid that has a cell phone could cheat on a test.

More reasons

To sum it all up I think kids should be able to use there phones when the teacher allows it. Kids have a social life and need to be able to talk to there friends throughout the day, as long as they do not over do it. A phone can also help a student with work in the class room.

My opinion

Above all I think kids should be able to use there phones when the teacher allows it. Of course it cannot be overused. But let a kid have there phone out in class we are like a rhinoceros, we have to much energy to sit there for hours and not be able to talk to our friends.