Animals in space

By: Miyah Stephens

The first non human astronauts

The first non human astronauts in space was a group of fruit flies. They flew up on Febuary 20 1947.

The first dog in space

Lakia was the first dog in space.She lasted six days in orbit,But They found out that she actually died shortly after launch.
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Ham the chimp

Ham's name is a acronym Hollowman Aero Med.Ham was the first chimp in space.He went on the Mercury Redstone rocket.
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Animals in space history

Animals were originally served to test the survivbility of space flight.Later on they were sent to test the effects of microgravity.
There are seven national space programs that have flewn animals in space.Soviet Union,United States,France,Argentina,China and Japan
cats, rodents,fish,chimps,monkeys,amphibians,nematodes, dogs, water bears and spiders have all went into space
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