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September 1, 2017

Sustain the Honeymoon Period All School Year!

This week I was asked how things are going so far this school year. I replied that we were learning, working through things and getting settled. The other person smiled and said, "Well, I hate to tell you…but these first few week are kind of a honeymoon period and that's almost over." We exchanged a polite chuckle before my radio clicked on and I headed in a different direction. I thought about this exchange the rest of that evening and for the next several days and have come to a decision! I've decided to take those words as a direct challenge. I don't think the comment was made with ill will, but my interpretation was, "Good luck sustaining this kind of energy, optimism, and engagement for another 170 days sister!"

So, maybe there have been week-long honeymoons before; this year I commit to making it different. If I don't start off believing that, where am I leading? If we want CN to be the very best it starts with the words we speak. What we say out loud matters, a lot.

So I am going to work really hard to be an optimist. Yes, it does get harder. Yes, kids start to test when the free pencils, extra passing time, and shiny newness of school wears off a bit. Yes, we all get tired, have trying days, and struggle at times. But educators are hopeful people by nature, that’s why we do what we do everyday because we believe we can make a difference. How can that hope transform into meaning when we kill it before it leaves our lips?

So I issue a challenge to myself and to all of you . . . sustain the engagement, energy and optimism in the face of obstacles that may arise throughout the year in our classrooms, lunch rooms, interactions with students, parents, and peers.

It doesn't mean we never get frustrated or that we don't sometimes feel overwhelmed, or that we don't understand "reality", it's just that we choose to focus on the positive and commit to doing so. In any moment as educators, we can take on a task with a positive attitude or a negative attitude. It's possible that regardless of the attitude we take, we may fail, but at least we will fail modeling grace and professionalism without dragging others down. If we succeed... we're more likely to bring others along for the ride to the top. Let’s extend the honeymoon one positive thought, word, and action at a time.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us.” - Michael Hyatt

Use your words this week to make a positive impact at CN!

Pat Leffers, Guidance Counselor

I have the honor of working with the students at Central Noble in several capacities. I have coached several sports and helped with clubs along with the duties of being one-third of the Jr/Sr High Guidance Department. I previously worked at Homestead High School and Carroll High School in Fort Wayne. My experience here at Central Noble has been difficult at times due to our small size but very rewarding. My wife and I have 7 children and as you might imagine, being involved with them takes up most of our free time.

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