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Dear Families and Friends of Boone School,

Looking at the photos from several of our recent events shown below including the International Show, I continue to be amazed at the many talents and skills you all bring to create our wonderfully vibrant community. December was filled with some incredible performances that really demonstrated the strength of our diversity and the power of collaboration when everyone brings an *idea* to life. I hope you have had some time over Winter Break to reflect on all the ideas you have been thinking about and working on in your mind. I encourage you to continue to share your ideas with others so our community can continue to collaborate and grow!

As always, check out the calendar at the bottom of this newsletter or on our website at to keep up with all Boone activities. We are excited to announce that Boone will be open over the next couple of Saturdays for some awesome events! We will be hosting the CPS Debate League tournament on Saturday 1/12/19, and our 7th Annual Boone Cares Day of Service on Saturday 1/19/19. If you are interested in volunteering for the service day, please be sure that you have completed the volunteer application prior the date. If you need assistance with the volunteer application process, please contact Savitha Kowligy in the main office or at

Wishing you all the best in 2019! Happy New Year!


Jackie Delaney, Principal



Zainab F - “It was amazing!! It was beautiful, gorgeous, more than great. I loved the different kinds of clothing and the last dance they did.”

Leilany A - “I loved that all the countries were represented. It made me want to be in it next year.”

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Kindergarteners in Ms. Doman’s class came to work with Mr. Guerrero’s 7th and 8th grade Technology Elective Class to learn how to code! The session actually integrated dancing and coding--how cool is that?!? Read below for some Kindergarten comments:

I liked it because we were on the computers.- Patrick

I liked the songs. You have to pick your own song so I picked one. -Farah

I liked the dab and the clap dance.- Ayaan

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First place- Minh N.

(The Effects of Age on Time Perception)

Second place- Maheen Q., Lizbeth L., and Ganeden Z.

(Classical Music and Memory)

Third place- Bushra Q. and Ramisha I.

(The Effects of Pencil Shavings on plant growth)

Minh answers a few questions about her project:

1. Why did you choose this project?

I choose this project because I’ve always felt that as I grew up, time seemed to fly by. For example, my school year in 2nd grade felt a lot longer than my school year in 6th. I wanted to test that out to see if our perception of time really did change with age, and if so, why.

2. What was the most interesting thing you learned through this experiment?

The most interesting things I learned from this project were probably the theories about why our time perception speeds up with age.

Lizbeth, Maheen, and Ganeedan answer a few questions about their project:

1. Why did you choose this project?

We chose this project because it was more interesting and unique to us than the other doable options. Also, we were able to relate this experiment to us since we are students and listen to music while studying for tests. Usually, we go for the popular songs that our parents don't approve of. All adults say we should listen to classical music because it is beneficial, so we decided to test that out.

2. What was the most interesting thing you learned through this experiment?

One interesting thing we learned was that classical music is, in fact, beneficial for your memory. All test subjects scored significantly higher when they studied with classical music playing in the background. Another interesting thing we learned was that listening to classical music isn't the only thing that helps your memory. Playing a string instrument also benefits your memory and relaxes you. Classical music is a perfect way to release tension.

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MS. SELINKA: 5th Grade Science

MS. HEINICHEN: Visual Journalism

Is Photography Science?

Everything in the universe is made of matter….the ways in which these particles interact are what give matter its structure, properties, and beauty.

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5th graders in RM 211 learned about Physical Changes and Chemical Change and how to identify them in our world. Using disposable cameras, students went “In The Field” to capture things that represented both of these changes. Students developed their own negatives by mixing and agitating two or more substances. This experiment allowed them to visualize how chemical changes can affect an art process.
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Boone TV

BTV is Back!! We have a new staff with fun new segments.

Click here to check out the first episode of Season 6.

Room 204 shares:

BTV Taught Us Math Today!!

“We loved the first episode of BTV. We learned how to use fractions in a real world application and then we continued to explore fractions using the Bridges Fraction App!”


Throughout the year our students will be performing and sharing what they are learning in our Expressive Arts classes. These dates are also listed on our Boone Google calendar on our website. Your students’ performance will take place at their regularly scheduled Expressive Arts time.

Check in with any of the teachers for more details closer to each show date:

Jan 23, Mar 13, May 6, June 6

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The 7th and 8th Grade Students are going to Washington, D.C. in the Spring!!

Please be sure to have students dress warmly and wear coats, hats, scarves, and mittens as necessary once the winter weather arrives. Students all have daily outdoor recess unless there is rain or the temperature or wind chill drops below 20 degrees.


Is there someone at Boone who you would like to recognize for their hard work, kindness, or other awesome quality? Please click here on the Boone Community Shout-Out form to take a moment to acknowledge that person. Your message may appear in the next newsletter or on a bulletin board in the school!

Thank you Ms. Savitha for being such a wonderful staff member. I deeply appreciate your kindness. -From Rahat Sehreen, Boone Parent

Shout out to Aishah M-- You are a great friend and you always remind me when I forget something. - From Shanice M

Thank you to all Boonies for helping the school be a better environment for us to learn in, and remember one kind word just one kind word or kind thing can change someone’s entire day or life. Here is my kind quote to all Boone school, everyone is the same but has their own unique gifts !!!!!!! :) -From Xitlaly G


Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the

Boone School Spelling Bee!

A Special Congratulations goes out to Jareth K.!

Jareth will be representing Boone at the District Level Spelling Bee.

Way to Go, Jareth!!!


Please remember to bring in your Box Tops! This is a quick and easy way to raise funds for Boone. You can give them to your homeroom Teacher, thank you!
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Below are some important events that are coming up. You can also always check for updates with our Boone Google calendar that is found on our homepage at

Jan 7 - Classes Resume

Jan 9 - PAC/BAC Meeting, 8:30AM

Jan 9-11 - Preferred Dental at Boone (exams for all students with signed dental consent)

Jan 12 - Boone Debate Team hosts Debate Tournament

Jan 19 - Boone Cares Day of Service, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Jan 21 - NO SCHOOL in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday

Jan 23 - Expressive Arts Sharing Day

Jan 31 - Last day of Q2

Jan 31 - ExArts End of Semester Show

Feb 1 - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workshops)

Feb 8 - Q2 Report Cards Distributed

Feb 13 - LSC Meeting, 4:30PM

Daniel Boone Elementary School

A Chicago Public Schools Fine and Performing Arts Neighborhood School with a Magnet Cluster Program in West Rogers Park.