Art Greatness At NA

It's Amazing!

The Pass-Down Culture

The Arts Program here at Newark Academy has the most variety and and the greatest teachers you will ever meet. Photography, Art, Dance, Music, and Chorus. NA offers it all to the students! As the year goes on, you will become more ecstatic and eager to try more, and grow more. The NA student body is so lucky to have a program like this, we get to try different things and become great at them.

“The enthusiastic students who are passionate about learning are going to be the ones who will be successful in life, and in their passions.” - Ms. Sparacino

Art will transform you into a whole different world where your free to express yourself. It is a Social Pattern here at NA to try the arts, almost everyone does it and cherishes it! It's cool, to do art in school! I assure you that you will fall in love with Newark Academy's Arts Program.

A Budding Picasso

There are many different kinds of art in the genre itself. Newark Academy provides ceramics, paintings, 2D Art, 3D Art, and sketching. The Material Culture in the art rooms, are basically paintbrushes, pen/pencils, tables, and almost everything you could imagine! Mr. Torson and Mrs. Brody are amazing teachers that help you become an advanced and well-trained artist. Newark Academy has two rooms specifically for Art itself and a gallery to display students art work. Art is one culture Newark Academy could not live without.
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Music to Our Ears

Music is what you think it to be, and at Newark Academy, we like to think it as food for the mind. The Music program offers private lessons after school with our many teachers that teach a specific instrument to our students. Jazz band is a band program with Mr. Tolentino is an amazing teacher that affects our program in an awesome way. Mrs. Emelianoff is also an amazing, unique teacher that plays more then eleven instruments! Our chorus program is led by Mr. Lal, and there is a group chorus which is an option to choose. And then there is a more advanced program called Jr. Academy Voices, which you need to audition for. As you can see, music is a big part of the culture here at Newark Academy!

I Dance, Therefore I am

The dance program at Newark Academy is so fun, you get to dance in different styles like hip-hop, tap, ballet, and jazz. Mrs. Lux is an amazing instructor and always has a smile on her face. Even if you are a basic dancer or an advanced one, this class was meant for you! If Newark Academy provides this, which they do, you should come fleeing to Mrs. Lux's room!
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