Education Discrimination

Rights being removed from innocent people!

It's not fair!

In America, education discrimination is not a struggle. We had hard times with the issue before like Girls v.s Boys, or skin color, but we learned to overcome these challenges. In other countries, though, this is an everyday struggle! It's not fair to deney people of common rights they deserve. In the following paragraphs, I will give direct evidence of this major world issue.

No baptism no school

Irish parents want and deserve a good education for their children like us Americans but theres 1 difference. For us Americans getting in a good school is no fight, we apply and 9 out of 10 time we get in. For unbaptized Irish children, getting in school is a struggle. Ruben Murphy (An Irish child) applied to 9 schools for Kindergarten. 9 already declined. 90% of Irish schools are Catholic so unbaptized children have a slim chance of getting in.

How do education and discrimination relate?

They relate because...

Some people have different religions, races, beliefs, genders, ect. Discrimination is taking those differences and using them to hurt people or make them wish they were different. Education relates to that because schools use that to withhold people from an education so they want (or do) change themselves.

One more piece of evidence is...

A 10 year old girl in India was arriving her first day at a new school. As she walked through the halls people gave her dirty looks. Than as she got to her first class her teachers chased her away screaming "Dirty" because of her religion.


From the things like bullying to being rejected from applying to a school, no education discrimination is small! It's not okay! The biggest you could do is to not ever discriminate someone yourself. Please. Thank you.
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From being bullied to chased away from school, no education discrimination is small. All of America today is ALMOST discrimination free. Your biggest help would be to promise you will never discriminate someone, for ANY reason at all. Thanks.