Marvin Ridge ITF News

September 22-26

Marvin Ridge High News

Tech Tuesday: "Google Driving Instruction"

This week's Tech Tuesday for the high school is a basic tour through Google Drive. You will learn some organization strategies and see examples of Drive's features, including the research tool, revision history, comments, etc. I'll share with you some examples of ways to use Google Draw, Google Sheets, and Google Slides as well.

Here are our locations - we'll begin about 10 minutes after the start of each period.

Block 1: Haddon F124

Block 2: Harfman F210

Block 3: Mennitt E124

Block 4: Groff G212

Change to Tech Tuesday: Now Doing Google Sites Next Week!

I had originally planned to demonstrate the Google Add-on Doctopus next week, but I've had several teachers ask me about Google Sites, so I've decided to postpone Doctopus until December and do Google Sites next week, September 23. Mark your calendar if you're interested!

Marvin Ridge Middle News

All things SchoolNet

As you know, Instructional Content Facilitators will be here at MRMS today to show you SchoolNet benchmark scheduling. In October, I'll be demonstrating how to create your own tests in SchoolNet.

ICFs and ITFs have worked together to create this SchoolNet Resource Website for you. Be sure to bookmark it and reference it as you need it. This website is located under the Home Base Resources header in the Technology quick link of your school's website.

October PD: Assessment

There are so many tools you can use to formally and informally assess students that I cannot begin to cover them all in one PD session, so I'm not. Our Team Meeting PD on October 2 will be a demonstration of how you can use your SMART board to engage students and set up a self-assessment station in your classroom.

As for the other tools that are available to you, here is an Assessment Menu that I have created. I would love to come to your PLC and show you one or two of these tools in the month of October. Please look over the menu with your PLC, and if you'd like to learn more about any of these assessment tools, please use this Google Appointment Sign-up to schedule a time for me to come in. Please let me know when you sign up which tool(s) you'd like me to demonstrate.

And something for everyone!

Technology Fun Fact

The very first 1 GB hard drive was introduced in 1980. It was the size of a refrigerator, weighed 550 lbs and had a price tag of $40,000.

Just to put that in perspective, cell phones have around 16 GB of standard memory, but you can get up to 64 GB.