Turtles and Insperation

How Zander Srodes help to save the sea turtles


The baby sea turtles climb out of their tiny white eggshells and look around. All of them, more or less, know what they have to do and they start flipper-walking towards the ocean.

Zander Srodes was eleven when he realised that he wanted to, needed to, help the sea turtles. Between distraction, predators, and humans, the sea turtles have a lot of things stopping them from walking down that beach and getting to the ocean. Zander Srodes works for a rather unpopular cause. Yet he does it all the same. I would say he is someone to be remembered.

Fireworks and decisions

When Zander was eleven, he was shooting fireworks on the beach with his friends. Some “old lady” walked out and yelled at them to stop because it was disturbing the baby sea turtles on that beach. Zander, being just a kid, was all arrogant and all. Nevertheless, he stopped. The next day, Zander found the same lady sitting in his kitchen talking with his mother. This lady, Linda Soderquist, was the protector of sea turtles in that area. She was kind of like the turtle police. When she told Zander about the growing sea turtle problem, the knew that he had to help save them. And he did. Although his work helped a great deal, it will be very hard to save them completely.

Turtles. Children, and books

Zander is twenty one now and still helping the sea turtles. He wrote a book (that was illustrated by the lady Linda Soderquist) called turtle talks. It has been sold around the world and translated into six different languages. He inspired many, and is still doing so. Children are starting to help save the sea turtles just because they read his book. Therefore, raising awareness about the whole turtle problem that has only gotten worse since Zander was eleven. I don’t know if the turtles will ever be saved, but we can try. The kids, adults, Zander, you and me. We can all help to save the sea turtles. Just remember this, my friend,: Like MANY other endangered animals, the sea turtles have been hurt by humans most of all.


Now, people do work on the turtle population problem but there still isn’t a whole lot. I mean, not nearly as many as the people working on things like the tiger population problem. Nowadays, it’s hard for a kid to rant about how much trouble the sea turtles are in and not get laughed at. Or, at least, not care that he gets laughed at. Zander Srodes inspired many. He is helping to save the sea turtles simply by because of a feeling, an instinct that said “I have to help the sea turtles!” Zander has known since he was eleven years old what his calling was. Not many can say that.


When turtles first hatch their mother is not there. Infact, the mother never goes no see her babies or nurture the babies. They are on their own from the moment they hatch. They are always born on an ocean beach because once they hatch they crawl to the water and jump in. From there they teach themselves to survive. Often though, most of the babies don’t make it to the water. They are killed by either humans, predators, they get lost and die because of lack of food, or they are simply too weak and die on the spot. The ones that do make it to the water probably won’t survive very long. There are many thing that think baby sea turtles are a very good bedtime snack. There is nothing we can do to stop the sharks from eating them but we can stop the humans from harming the sea turtles in any, way, shape, or form. Join the cause. The babies stare at the reflection of the moon on the water. Wind howls around them. As each of them reach the water's edge, they jump in and swim to the start of their lives

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