Andrew "Zero" Jackson:

Zero President for abuse of power!!

Our so called "War Hero" cannot leave another country alone!!

Our so-called "War Hero of 1812" decided to move another county, known as the Cherokee nation, to a poor land in Oklahoma, killing them along the way. He disobeyed the supreme court's ruling to leave natives alone, too. This event is known as the trail of tears, because so many natives died and he made them cry. He ordered that his army force them out of their own country. This is abuse of power. How would you like it if the president of the Cherokee or another native tribe walked into your home, where you keep your things and your fortune, and told you to walk a cold trip to Canada, or you die. This seems harsh, because it is! AND, it is exactly what Jackson did to the Cherokee tribe.

You also may think that they are savage and deadly, but they are just as "civilized" as us.

Where is South Carolina?!?!?!?

South Carolina, one of our many United States, threatened to secede, or leave the United States, because of Jackson. He decided to pass a tariff that taxed the south but not the north, and South Carolina had to much of a burden to carry. They agreed on a compromise, but that doesn't mean anything. He is supposed to be helping us, not taxing us like a king. Congress also helped by passing the force act, which allowed him to use the MILITARY to make South Carolina pay their taxes. He threatened to hang John C. Calhoun!! He is abusing his power and it needs to stop.

Political Cartoon: Jackson and the Trail of Tears

This picture depicts Andrew Jackson taking care of Americans, and sad Native Americans looking sadly at him. This proves that he showed no mercy to the Native Americans.

Killing the national bank?!

The national bank was "killed" by Jackson, because it only helped the upper class. He is too concerned with "helping" the southern states. The national bank was a plus for our country since Washington's presidency. Jackson almost seems to trying to get back at the rich class because of John Quincy Adams.

Andrew Jackson

7th President and war hero of the battle of New Orleans. BUT is he a Hero or a Zero?!