The best times as a Senior

Being a Senior


My senior year all started out in the great game of football. Football is my favorite sport and is a passion that I love. Football was a game I played for 4 years in a row. Football is not just a team of guys, football creates a new family for you I can honestly say I have another family at the school because I have their back and they have mine and it means a lot to be a role model for the freshman. The game of football changed everything about me.

Open Campus

Open Campus was amazing it's a shame that next year the students coming up won't have it. I remember how much everyone needed it. Just running as soon as the bell rings and going to your car so that you can beat everyone there. Open campus was a huge part of my senior year I never missed a single Friday it was a must.

The road to Life

As a senior It was time to start figuring out what we wanted to do with our life. I ended up getting a pretty good gig with an Internship that I worked my butt off getting. I ended up having to go in and interview with representatives for five major companies. I ended being at the top and got to select what one I wanted to do so I selected Subaru. I will be attending VU for my first semester then I will be going off to Purdue for the rest. I will be working three days a week and going to classes for the other two. Then after i'm all done with that I will get hired straight on.

Best Lunch Days

This year sucked for lunch because the school is trying to make everyone healthy. By far the best food this year was the beefy nachos, I mean theirs not much you can screw up with nachos. The nachos wasn't as good as Camden Elementry's but they were still the best that the school had to offer. Every single day I would get a ice cream bar I have no idea how I didn't get fat.
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My Girlfriend

I have been dating this girl named Gabbie Evans for 6 months now. I can honestly say I have never ever felt this way about a girl in my whole life. Ask anyone I was never the type to keep my girlfriends or just not have one because I was tried of having them. Gabbie Evans is an amazing women and I fall harder and harder for her each day I talk to her. She isn't the type of girl that cries about everything, or wants everything, or even has a lot of problems. Gabbie is a women that is strong and smart has a dream of what she wants to be and she will make that dream come true. We are the same person literally we both are immature when it's time and mature when we need to be. This is the first girl I can actually see a future with and love. What is amazing she says the same thing but even more than I did. It's an amazing feeling to be in love with your girlfriend, and your best friend and to be able to hold nothing back. I cannot tell anyone how many fart wars we have had, food eating contests, and just things you would not see a couple doing. I love Gabbie Evans and she is a big part of my Senior year and hopefully my future.